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  1. Yesterday I looked at the epi NF in Corail, I love it but..I find the structured base a bit too bulky I find I am becoming more and more fussy lately!

    I absolutely love my GM NF in DE I've had it 4 years and used it for 2 years constantly, the trim is now starting to show signs of wear and I am now rotating more often to keep it in a good condition, out of all of my LV bags that is my favourite. I am therefore wondering, while the original NF are still available should I get another, perhaps in the mm? I'm not a fan of the new version I cannot see the point of the pouch.

    What would you do? Am I just panic buying??! I have looked at various other NF type bags but it seems I am a dreadful snob and can't drag myself away from LV!

  2. Based on what you said, I would go for the original NF while you can (and because I too don't care for the pouch and prefer the original script/font and flowers inside). I like the MM size so I think it's a great choice! Maybe consider a GM since you currently have that?
  3. Buy the original NF in MM since you already have the GM..
  4. +1 get it while you still can!!
  5. I agree with getting another while they are still around. However, have you taken your GM to the store to see if they will reglaze it for you?
  6. OMG so frustrated..messed about so much the website has now sold out..none in store either.

    I will look at reglazing, thanks for the info!