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  1. Hi tPF friends,

    I have about $500 that's burning a hole in my pocket. Should I keep saving it for the delightful pm, or should I run out and get something else? If so, what would you suggest?
  2. If the delightful is a bag you truly want, I would definitely keep saving up for it. Why spend the money on something else if you don't truly want it or need it. Is there something else you really want? If the answer is no or not "really" then I'd keep saving & get your delightful.
  3. If you are wanting a Delightful, then I say save, save, save. I have that bag and LOVE it!

    (but I recommend you get out of this forum immediately!! Waaaaaaaayyyyyy to much temptation going on in here!) :no-good: lol
  4. definitely +1 :smile:
  5. #5 Mar 30, 2014
    Last edited: Mar 30, 2014
    The delightful is a bag I want, but I just got my speedy b de in January and my speedy empreinte in February and my SLG collection is lacking. I have 6 LV bags and 1 wallet. Here are some SLG's I've been lusting after:

    Pochette nm
    Mini pochette
    Key cles
    6 ring key holder
    Cosmetic pouch
  6. save a bit more :smile:
  7. Be strong and hold out! (If at all possible...):upsidedown:
  8. :yes:
  9. If you have 6 bags then I'd get a slg but only if there is something you really want. Otherwise then save for delightful.
  10. Hmm, if you really want a Delightful, keep saving! If you can wait, I absolutely LOVE my 6 key holder! But, all of those are fantastic SLGs :smile:
  11. I am a tad obsessed with slgs. I always find another one I "need".
    But I am pretty much bag content. If you really want the next bag, keep saving for it. Good luck deciding
  12. Keep saving for the delightful and then start working on the slg's. It's harder to save for a bag so get that done first, then the slg's will come along easier and you'll have more bags to use them with :smile:
  13. Hands down my Delightful is my favorite bag! I say save up for it and look on preloved sites for the cles. I managed to score a mono cles and arriving hopefully tomorrow, a DE cles both preloved. If preloved is something you can consider you can save some money and all you need is a bit of patience!
  14. I think it also depends on what prints you want the SLG's to be in. If you was thinking about getting any in MC then you should think about getting them before they sell out and are discontinued.

    If you don't then you need to decided which SLG's you would want ( if that's what you decided) or you could continue to save and then either buy all the SLG's at the same time or your bag.
  15. Def save... I'm doing the same thing, I'm deciding on a delightful or a pre loved mono Galliera pm..