What to do??

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  1. Dear Ladies of the Purseforum, I need your help please!
    I recently bought a lovely black SBS online from a dept store, which has yet to see anywhere other than my bedroom but which I loved (perfect size, etc etc). Really nice example too.

    But then I discovered the Shareholders discount :biggrin: and have today been on my first foray to a Mulberry store with the intention of buying same bag at a discount and returning the first one to the dept store. All fine up to the point where they brought out two bags for me to choose. Well you might think me strange, but I like a slouchy grainy leather best, and this was like an elephant's bottom, just lovely. Anyway, then I noticed the front panel had a scar in the leather, and the SA said it was not a fault and they could not do anything on the price, but they could see what the concessions at Hof and H Nichols had in, and swap stock with them. So after much back and to, (and a quick lunch in between to have a think) I returned to look at the selection and make my choice. Well, odd though it sounds, I fell in love with the poor scarred bag, and happily brought it home, only to find on unpacking it that the lock is awkward to open. I think I was so hung up on the leathers, I did not try the lock properly. My DH has had a look and says it seems the back plate on the flap is catching on the twisty bit.

    So - do I keep the first bag which is perfect (but not such squishy leather), or do I see if Mulberry will send the elephant bag (!) away to get the lock sorted out.??

    Sorry for long post, but am so unsure what to do. Does anyone know how long it might take if the bag was sent away for a new lock??

    Gosh, the stress has nearly killed me today, never mind my DH who is perplexed by bags at the best of times. :roflmfao:

    S x
  2. I would take the perfect leather bag back to Mulberry store & get the SAs to look at it..they'll be able to tell you if Mulberry can/ will be able to sort the lock out or not I.e.is it a fault or not. Depends how fiddly it is to open the bag to see whether you could put up with it or not. x
  3. Sally, you're a girl after my own heart - if you want to see my beautiful wrinkly Bayswater it's on p8 of the Bayswater thread.

    If you've fallen in love with a particular bag then that's the one for you. It's easier to get the lock sorted than it is to find the leather that you like - so I'd say get it sent away for a new lock.

    Not sure how long it'd take, but worth it in the long run
  4. I agree with Plemont. It is easier to get the lock fixed than to find the perfect leather. So I'd return it to have the lock repaired.
  5. yup return and have the lock repaired!
  6. Wise words Plemont and I agree :tup::yes::tup:
  7. I took my alexa back to the store 2 weeks ago because the twisty bit of the lock dropped off. They quoted up to 4 weeks for the repair if that helps.
  8. Ladies, thank you all for your wise words. Last night I had convinced myself to take the easy option, keep the perfect bag and just return the one with the tricky lock, but then this morning in the bright light of day, the leather is just so much squidgier on the tricky bag.... hmmm.

    I am going to call Mulberry store today and ask what they suggest.

    stopmenow - good luck with the Alexa lock, sorry to hear it broke so soon.

    Plemont - gorgeous wrinkly bag - mine is not as wrinkly as that but I would be happy if it was!!

  9. Hi sallylou - as a lover of character like yourself (wrinkles, slouch, appeal of a certain grain) I wholeheartedly agree with Plemont (a lovely lady similarly obsessed!!) - grain and overall look and feel of leather in the same colourway, and on the same style of bag will naturally differ between bags as leather is organic and no two hides are exactly the same! So, yes, I would get a quote on dear Elephant re: lock repair - but, as you are within your 12 month guarantee, and if the lock is deemed faulty, Mulberry should repair at no extra charge - good idea to give customer services at the Rookery a ring and see what they say and then go from there - then, if they suggest sending in, and if it's convenient, you could then pop to the Mulberry Store armed with that knowledge and see if they can send it back for you - much less hassle for you ( and I am pretty certain the shop will do this for free) - just a thought, and best of luck sorting this to your satisfaction....keep us posted.....the leather on dear Ellie sounds wonderful, and imo any "scars" are a part of the charm....:biggrin:
  10. Update: well I called the Mulberry store and tried to explain about the lock, but they said sometimes the locks are like that when they are new, and that it is unlikely to be considered a fault as the lock does function properly, which I kind of understand, it is me being picky! But I have listened to all your wise words (and to my heart) and this is still the bag which I love. So - brace yourselves ladies - my DH is going to do a 'fix' on it, he says there is definitely a ridge-y bit on the back lock plate, and he has a tool which can fix it!!

    Wish us luck - and if surgery goes well, I will try to figure out how to post pics and let you all see Ellie (great name?!) and hopefully you will be kind to her, 4 inch scar included (not from the surgery you understand, that is the imperfection in her front panel :graucho:).

    Mad, moi?? !!! YES.

    S x
  11. Good luck, Sally! I'm looking forward to seeing her after her surgery! :biggrin:

  12. Good luck with the op, I'm sure all will be fine but you must be very nervous! Did your DH make you sign a consent form?!! :giggles: