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  1. ok, some of you might remember that I recently purchased a vernis sarah wallet in blue nuit that I wanted to exchange because I found a flaw. So I have been waiting all week and haven't heard anything from my SA. I know they get very busy; sometimes too busy to call that day. So I called the store to inquire if the wallet that was put on reserve for me was in, and alas, it is not....so should I take the 2 hour drive and return it tomorrow and order the wallet online, or wait for my SA to call, which who knows when they will get it. I purchased the wallet on 02/12. Thanks for your help!
  2. I'd return it sooner rather than later then wait for the other one to come in. I would hate to miss the return deadline ... and I love visiting my LV store, so if I have to go back again, I don't mind :biggrin:
  3. I really appreciate your input. I don't want seem impatient, but I really want to use my bag with the wallet, and I do plan on buying a cosmetic case when I am there! I wish it wasn't a 2 hour ride!
  4. No problem and, in the end, do what makes you feel most comfortable.
  5. I would return it to the store.
  6. Do you think my SA would be upset? I always get impatient and then if I wait a little longer things work out, so I am still unsure what to do.
  7. I would return it before the 2 week return timeframe expires. I don't like hanging on to damaged goods. I return them immediately if possible.
  8. For sure go and return it. You may miss the deadline.
  9. well, I am going to return it tomorrow, but I wish they had another one! guess I will have to order it online...:sad:
  10. one more question, would I be able to return to any LV? I noticed there is another LV 1/2 further and maybe they will have another one...and even if they don't I will order online either way..
  11. I'd take it back so that you're still within the 14-day window. Then, if the store still doesn't have the one you want, have them call and order the replacement while you're in the store. They can send it to you so that you don't have to take that long drive again.