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  1. So my theda force bracelet is already dying on me after wearing it twice. The brass hardware is already chipping off... :crybaby: . So I'm going in on Monday to LV cause my SA shipped in some shoes for me to try and i'm thinking. Should I try and exchange it for shoes, the teddy bear muffler, or a keepall 45 to use for school? Opinions greatly appreciated! ;)
  2. Ohh I would say the keepall!
  3. keepall 45 for schoooooool? :wtf: that's reaaaally big!
  4. Keepall....

  5. Just to help you picture it...I'm 5'11'' and thin. But I'm also debating whether or not to spray the heck out of it with Shining Monkey if I get it cause I've never used it before...
  6. Go for the Keepall!!
    I have always wanted to carry one to school but it looks ridiculously big on me.
  7. So you would use the keepall for books and stuff? Hmmm...
  8. Ohhh, what about a broadway, that would be good for school. I love that bag!
  9. My dad has it...so yeah NO! And I don't like how the front pockets are so lumpy...sorry. :shame:
  10. Don't be sorry...lol...hope you find something you love!!!
  11. they might not take back the bracelet since it was not given to you in that way.
  12. I think keepall is great idea for school when you have a lot of things to carry. I've seen a guy using one.
  13. Hopefully they do, cause they've been good at taking back the defective items I get from them. We'll just have to see...
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