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Dec 10, 2005
Hi everyone, so i am stumped... I dont get paid till the end of the month but I am already looking for what bag to buy.

Ok all, so I have three choices,,, I can only get one this month but gradually I do hope to have all three, before the summer LOL .. So my choices are either:

Dior Gambler bag , which I really really want. Its RARE and there are not normally many on ebay ..Its a smart black bag which I can use for work, I already have the PTI organiser, and its also cheaper than my other choices.

Again if I get this bag do I get the medium or the large?? Has anyone seen these bags IRL is their much comparison between the sizes... Here is a link to the ebayer who I would purchase from .. She said that I can bid now and win and dont have to pau till the end of the month:

Large Gambler:


or medium:


My other choices are do I get a
whiskey chloe paddington which seem to be easier to get at the moment from net-a-porter, or do I get a cognac fendi spy... which is more expensive, and It may be better for me to save up a little while longer for...

Oh I am not sure what to do!! I need some help:shame:

I am in love with the Dior Gambler bag!!! You can call the outlet- I called last week- they have the medium Gambler bag in medium- I didn't ask about the small. The price of the medium is $690.00- they will ship for additional cost- but buy it from the outlet and save money if that's what you choose!!!
its such a tough choice i must say!! :amazed:

lets see.. after further invistigation (i browsed the pics of your three choices..) :amuse:

and i came with this order:
1- either spy :love: or paddington!:love:
2- dior medium

now justifying what i said..
i really couldnt choose between the spy and paddington.. they are both beautiful.. the spy in cognac or honey.. is such a MUST! (and its worth searching!)
about the whiskey paddington.. lovely and its color is such a classic..
summing up: what ever u find first.. either paddington or spy.. go for it:nuts:

then think about the dior.. its cute.. but not really my type :shame: dice are nice.. but the chain.. i dont know :sad: but if u decide to take it.. then go for the bigger one.. the dice proportion with bag size looks more right on it.. ;)
I have a Dior Gambler, in the smaller size--not one of the ones you've shown. It's a cute bag and has a really classic look. I tink it's a bag I'll use in the years to come for going out or for when I need a black bag with a little extra something.

I'm not a super huge fan of either the Spy or the Paddy--but I do understand their appeal and they've been growing on me. The downside with the Paddy is that it's a heavy purse... I think the Spy might be a little more practical for regular use.

One thing to consider is do you want an "everyday" purse? If so, I think the Gambler might get a little old unless you wear more formal dress, i.e. suits or if you want black. If you want something more casual, I'd vote for the Spy.
I would have to say paddy, even though it's not structured, it just seems like something that a business lady could carry, and you could just wear it with jeans. While I like the Dior gamblers, I'm not sure about the dice.
I'm not sure about that Dior. I like the shape of the bag, but the straps are a bit iffy; chain + shiny patent? However, I'd choose it over the Spy for now. (Because the Spy looks like a baby-dinosaur in fetal position :weird:. I'm sorry Spy-lovers! :shame:smile:

Can any one tell me which size Gambler bag this one is??? IS it the medium or the large.



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Not sure, re: above. Re: buying a bag, I'd say get the Gambler. It's a bit different and it's something that you really like (obviously) as you've been looking at it for a while.
melisande said:
Not sure, re: above. Re: buying a bag, I'd say get the Gambler. It's a bit different and it's something that you really like (obviously) as you've been looking at it for a while.

Yeah I keep going back to it -- I have the wallet and love it - I have sooo many fun bags and think a black classic bag will be good for me !!! But now I just want to find the best deal - When I rang the Uk dior boutique they said there were no more gambler bags !! had no idea you could get the medium in the US for $690 I thought they retailed over $1000 ...
The Gambler is no longer carried at regular Dior stores--at least in the US. There are a few US Dior stores that still have the Gambler and they're usually 50-60% off the original retail price. But I have no idea if they ship outside of the US...