what to do...?

  1. I was going to get my grail bag (refer to my previous post) - fuchsia ostrich with PHW- but unfortunately my SO didn't approve of it.. this morning i woke up to a present, it's a bag from bvlgari (a suede tote with leather handle) from him. Personally, I think it's hideous and totally not worth the money.. (around $2k SGD)

    What should I do? Unfortunately for us in Asia here we can't refund our purchases... He thinks it's absolutely beautiful, I don't have the heart to tell him that i don't like it!
  2. So sorry...when it's a gift from the heart, use it and over time it will make you smile. It's the thought that counts..
  3. Oh gosh! Will he take it badly if you exchange it for jewellery instead? Will Bulgari do that?
  4. That's a tough situation. I would thank him graciously for the bag and use it occasionally, like lisawhit suggested. My DH has done things like this to me before, and as long as I wear what he bought me once a year, he seems to remember that he picked it out and thought it was special.

    Sometimes you can't remedy these situations by getting rid of the bag, because his feelings would be hurt.

    What I suggest is to wear the bag occasionally while dropping hints like "Birkins are my style completely", and mentioning it whenever you get the chance.

    You may have to wait for a while, but if he is truly a receptive person, he will realize how much your grail means to you, and also realize that sometimes you should get what you want, not what he thinks you want.... if that makes any sense!

    Good luck, and remember that if you want it bad enough, it will eventually find its way to you.
  5. lisawhit I know, it was very sweet of him.. :heart:

    periogirl28 Doubt it... :sad:
  6. crazyshopper123, I'm from SG too. *WAVES* Hi hi!

    Haven't returned anything from Bvlgari yet, but my experience with the other boutiques like VCA & Cartier is, as long as it is within a week (or sometimes even slightly longer depending on how nice the SA is), and as long as you mention that it is a gift, you can exchange it for something of a similar or higher value.

    I believe that at the end of the day, your SO will want you to be happy. :yes:
  7. I hate it when that happens to me. I received a H scarf which I didn't quite fancy, but I knew he would be upset if I returned it for one that I liked. So I wear it only in his presence. But you know, he's so thrilled every time I wear the scarf, and this huge grin on his face more than makes up for his lack of taste.
  8. That's really sweet of your SO. I would use it because, as Lisawhit said, it's a gift from the heart.
  9. Tell him you have enough bags and want jewelry!!1
  10. :roflmfao:
  11. Well if you feel it's hideous, you can't possibly keep it. Can you exchange it for jewelry or a watch?
  12. Are you absolutely sure you want to pass on your grail bag? 30cm Fuchsia Ostrich Birkins are so sought after.
  13. If I didnt really like it, I couldnt ever wear it!!!

    I am totally honest with DH, and DH would be even more upset if I lied and said I liked it, when I didnt.
    I would sweetly thank him, but suggest going shopping together for an exhange.
  14. It's a really delicate subject. Shopping together for an exchange sounds like a good idea for the long run, so that he will learn your taste.
  15. I can only speak as what I would do in the situation; my fiance hates spending money on crap. If he would see it in my face that this is not a bag I like, he would return it himself. A gift is something very personal though and to trash it would mean hurting someone´s feelings, but that is a LOT of money for something to stay in the closet..