What to do??

  1. I was at costco(membership warehouse club) and one of the SA manhandled my trevi to take it out of the cart to give it to me at the checkout line, which I was about to do and prefered doing myself. It just bothered me how a stranger would just grabbed my bag like that or even touched it at all.:cursing: It made me wonder, how would I make them pay if they damaged my bag? What would you do if a stranger accidently damages your bag(small or big) and refuses to pay you for the damages? What if they didn't have the money to pay you back, then what are you suppose to do? I know with a SA I could report to their manager if they refused, but if even after then they don't, what can you do? TIA for answering my questions!:flowers:
  2. OMG, how rude was this! I think taht I would report him to his manager. I'm sure that if a stranger damages your property you can file a legal claim.
  3. it never happen to me at costco, but if the bag is damaged by them handling your bag W/O permission, you can file a liability claim w/Costco. I personally will not trust strangers w/any of my belongings.
  4. yeah, some of those guys could be rude and downright anal. Sorry this has happened to you. That's why I never put my bag in the cart ... besides someone might just walk off with it.
  5. Thank goodness, that the SA didn't damage your beauty. And thank goodness it wasn't me, as much as I like to consider myself a nice person. I would flip out just seeing someone reaching to touch my bag!!
  6. That's why I carry my bag and don't put it in the shopping cart at all..
    It probably wasn't damaged but honestly, chalk it up to a lesson learned...keep your bag with you if you don't want anyone else to touch it.