What to do?

  1. I am very new at selling eBay. I listed a bag, and received two offers from two different people and they are the same price. What should I do? My auction is ending in about 5 hours so I need to make quick decision. Thanks!
  2. Counteroffer a higher amount to both of them?
  3. I would check feedback, make sure both are strong. Then as far as which one, since they are the same amount, I would choose the one that came in first!
  4. ......Though of course if they are acceptable offers.
  5. Is the best offer price acceptable to you? If it is, you should accept the offer of whoever submitted theirs to you first. Or if one has questionable feedback (with lots of negatives), sell to the one with better feedback. But if they both have good feedback, I think accepting the offer of the one who submitted their offer first is the fair way to go. Just a few suggestions :smile:
  6. Thanks! everyone for your feedback. The first offered has 20 something feedback and the second one has 600 plus feedback. This is much harder than I thought.
  7. 20FB vs 600 sounds kind of easy to me :p
    I'd either go for the experienced one and get it done, OR I would take Razorback's suggestion and counteroffer the same amount to both, and sell to whoever accepts first.
  8. I'd challenge the buyers against each other. Tell them they have both offered you the same amount, and ask how much higher they are willing to go. Start a bidding war!

  9. I like how you think! :tup:
  10. I like this suggestion!:tup::supacool::woot:
    :party:So I SAY, let the Bidding Begin!!!:party:
  11. I'd prefer to handpick my buyer, if I could. If the 600+ has perfect FB, I'd just go with her.