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  1. Ok so I bought a blue twiggy and a cornflower city, the colors are almost identical. I didn't realize how close they would be until my cornflower City arrived today. I LOVE the darker blue of the Twiggy but I've been dying for a Cornflower City. Thing is, I like the Twiggy shape better than the City. Should I sell the Twiggy and get it in another color, or sell the City and get it in another color? :noworry:
  2. Sounds like you're loving the blue twiggy much more (color and style). What season is the blue from? Anyways, even if you've been dying for a cornflower city, if the style and the color doesn't quite work for you, then let it go and get another one. Just my .02 :smile:
  3. it's fall 2005 for the blue.
  4. Keep them both for a month and see which one you default to. Then sell the other one to a lucky girl!
  5. I know how you feel exactly. I really love my indigo blue twiggy, so Im going to say bye bye to my ink city, and get a black one.
  6. If you don't like the shape of a bag you probably won't use it. It makes more since to have two twiggy bags in colors you will use.
  7. true. I want a bright color, preferably apple green.
  8. you are???? Even after smooshing out the leather? :cry: (sorry I'm very partial to the ink :shame::lol:)
  9. Yep, Sorry, I dont mean to let any ink lovers down, but Im just needing to purge one since I have another coming:graucho: When I put all of my bbags together, ink is the one Im least interrested in:shame:
  10. well here are pics of my new bags. I love them both but I need to sacrifice one for another color.

  11. allison, they are amazing looking bags. You are right, they look like the same color. Good luck on your choice making. I love them both.
  12. *Evil Laugh* Mua ha ha haaaa - Welcome to the dark (or shall I say black) side! :graucho:
  13. oh dear... its a bit of a pickle!!! ok... ummm... since you like the twiggy... keep it! oh dear... i dont know i'm all confused... :blink: i'd keep them both - just for the fact that they're b-bags and they're both different sizes!!! BUT totally take them out for a test drive and see which one you like best!
  14. both colors are gorgeous, so keep the style you like best :yes:
  15. i have both the sky blue twiggy and sky blue city. for me, they are too similar but i love the sky blue color!! i tend to use bigger bals now so twiggy stays in her dust case most of the time. keep the shape you really love. :heart:
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