What to do?


Sep 10, 2007
Hey ladies! So my birthday was a few days ago and my cousin surprised me with the bleecker sig zip hobo. It was a bag that I had originally told my mom (who I guess passed the info along to my cousin) that I wanted but now that I have it im not in love. My cousin lives far away so its not like she will know if I kept the bag or not. My problem is, she forgot to send me the gift receipt (which I told her was ok since I originally planned to keep the bag). The bags has all its tags, etc. but I dont know where she bought it (coach store, nordstrom, etc. no clue) Theres no way Im going to ask her because I dont want her to know Im exchanging and even if i nonchallently say ohh where did you get it? shell be on to me. I dont want to hurt her feelings after she bought a bag that, really, I had said I wanted. Can I return something for credit to the coach store if Im not positive that she bought it there? Is that wrong? Should I take it somewhere else? Should I just keep it even though I know I wont really use it? Help is appreciated!
Hmmmm I see what you mean about wanting to protect her feelings -
Nordie's and Macy's put stickers on all their items that act as paperless receipts, so if there isn't one on your tag then it probably didn't come from one of those stores. I would trek over to Coach and tell them the situation if you really don't want to keep the bag. Most SA's I know are sympathetic and friendly and there to help!
It sounds like your cousin really cares about you and wanted you to have what you really wanted. IF it were me, I would explain things to my cousin, and I know she would say, "absolutely! get what you want!" Then, be sure to send her pics of your new bag and your happy face with it.:smile: It would definitely be much worse, if she found out another way... I think THAT would hurt her feelings.:s
I agree w/Candace - most dept stores have their own sticker or some sort of identification on the Coach tag so they know their items. If it is a current bag, I would take it back to a Coach boutique and explain the situation to them. They can scan it and I would imagine it would come up as a Coach store purchase, and you can exchange it for a bag you want. I would feel uncomfortable telling your cousin too - especially since you originally asked for that bag! Most people dont understand our wanting bags then not wanting them anymore, returning them for other bags, etc, etc. I do the same thing!
Ok i took another look at the tag and its ripped, like she ripped off the price tag all messy, like 2/3 of it is missing. so i dont know if she ripped off the price tag messy, if she ripped off another stores sticker, etc. hmmm. donnalynn-you said that once I get to coach, if they scan the barcode they will be able to tell whether the bag was purchased at coach or not? that would be helpful if this is so!
Yes they have some kind of tracking system that says if it was purchased in another store or not, that way you don't always have to have the receipt if you want to do an exchange. If it doesn't show up in their system (like you got it at Macy's or something) then they won't let you.