what to do??

  1. a couple of months ago i spotted a picture of paris and niki carrying a multicoloure papillion in our local magazine (from a back issue) , i've learned from this forum that those were fakes.. so i e-mailed the magazine and asked them to check it with lv coz i think its fake.. they never sent me a reply.. and although its a back issue it really bothers me.. the title of the article was " 9 iconic bags of LV " and under the papillion was paris toting her fake and another picture was niki (probably the same bag?) should i just forget about it? or what? i mean, they probably think that just because its paris she can't be spotted with a fake..:yucky:
  2. i'd let it go. they probably have biiger things to deal with.
  3. I know it can be upsetting when we see fake bags, However, that seems to be the trend at this time, and the magazine probably has other issues to handle. Please do not let it ruin your day.
  4. let it go if i was recent issue maybe a little more could be done but it's not
    sadly the mags don't do that much research
  5. yes i guess there's nothing more i can do about it.. its just frustrating.. anyway, i hope someday they'd realize that some rich and famous people do wear fakes, instead of assuming everything's real.. thanks everyone!:shame:
  6. I agree with everyone, if they haven't replied to you, it's probably beacuse they have other things that may be more important.. I just let it be, sorry you feel that way...
  7. It bugs me that these millionares and billionares carry fakes. They can afford the whole freakin' store but they walk around with these pices of crap and therby support counterfeiters????? :rant::censor::mad:
  8. I wouldn't expect a reply... But I can imagine it bothers you. This thing bothers me as well (see attachement), looks a fake mirage (or a very weird first version, but the tabs are orange and it's a mix of a noir and bordeaux..) not sure which magazine it was, but it was a known one (someone posted this a little while back).

    Oh well, what are we gonna do?...:hrmm: