What to do?

  1. I listed a bag on eBay 2 weeks ago.The auction ended last week Wednesday(8/8) and was won by an ebayer with 11 FB.
    Right after the auction ended,I sent her an invoice.
    I didn't hear from her and 3 days after the auction ended, I sent her a friendly reminder.
    Yesterday was one week after the end of the auction and as I still had not received payment from her,I sent her another email reminding her to pay and telling her I would not want to report her as a non paying bidder.
    She replied me saying my emails were harassing.I apologized immediately,explaining the that was not my intention at all.
    She still has not replied and still has not paid.
    I didn't include a deadline for payment in my listing...
    What do I do? Just wait? Or report? I am in no way trying to be a difficult seller and I wouldn't mind waiting but she's not communicating at all!!!
    I'm frustrated!!!:cursing:
  2. I would remind her that she is bound legally by making the bid, and all you are doing is seeking payment. She should not feel harassed by something she should have paid for by now!
  3. file a non paying bidder dispute.. it isn't a claim for another 7 days after you file. let eBay harass her...
  4. file a claim.
  5. I would definitely file a dispute. eBay will send them a letter. That almost always gets people to pay because it threatens suspension.
  6. Definately file a dispute.
  7. NPB the freak, pronto
  8. Open the claim... she's had enough time and obviously is getting your emails.
  9. agree with the others... i would have opened the claim a week ago. with how she's behaving i wouldn't want to complete a transaction with her anyway.
  10. Thank you all so much...I've filed a claim and I'll wait to see what happens.Sometimes I think it's unfortunate that adults can't all behave like adults...if we decide to utilize ebay as a market place why not obey the rules and treat others the way you also want to be treated?:confused1:
  11. Yup, completely agree. I'm going through the same situation now with a pair of shoes I sold. I sent 2 invoices and a friendly email reminder and still no word from her. On the 7th day, that NPB alert will be filed.
    You know, I'm nice and all as long as the buyer EMAILS me if they aren't going to be paying right away but when 4 days go by and I haven't even gotten an email from them about how they're paying, I get angry.