What to do?

  1. I know it all comes down to personal preference, but after looking at my Monogram Speedy 30 that I recieved 2 weeks ago, I think I want a different print in the Speedy-- something that doesn't scream "LV" if that makes any sense.

    I thought about the Damier or Mini Lin in Ebene, but it is so hard to choose...

    Since it is my first I want to be sure I will love it and use it..and with the MC I have right now, I am not so sure that I will want to use it...which is why I am thinking about exchanging it..

    Any suggestions? ! :confused1:
  2. I love my mono speedy 30...one of my best LV investments....it is a keeper imo...the mini lin is sweet...I want that one too...
  3. If you're not sure about it, exchange it for something else. You want to LOVE your LV, especially your first! I love my damier speedy 30...it's such a good feeling!
  4. My damier speedy is my favorite. It's a gorgeous, low maintenance bag. My second favorite is my Mandarin Epi speedy. Also beautiful & low maintenance.
  5. Maybe something in epi, less conspicuous.....
  6. Go ahead and exchange it for something you love 100%! I think Damier is quite subtle.
  7. I think epi would be great for you! It's gorgeous and isn't screaming LV at all!
  8. yeah, i think Epi would be good and the leather is sooo beautiful..
  9. Mini Lin is a nice compromise. Otherwise I second the calls for Damier or Epi.
  10. Maybe you should get something from the Epi Line since it doesn't "scream" LV so much? The line is very chic and classy looking.

    I'm totally opposite of you, I love bags that "scream" LV. :biggrin:
  11. i think epi or damier is a nice choice :smile:
  12. Mini lin is nice as well as damier. I've never been an epi lover.
  13. I just bought a epi speedy 30 and love it. It is a great bag and has 1 small embossed LV on it. Clearly an LV but very understated. I love it and I think you will too.
  14. Same here. Had a mono speedy but sold it to a friend. got a damier and im loving it!:tup:
  15. You should definitely go with something in the Epi line, very classy and inconspicuous!