What to do?

  1. I bought a suhali cles on eBay last month, paid may 16th, seller shipped may 17th, but never said anything again about it until I asked her more than two weeks later if she had sent it out to me.
    I was in the process of moving out of my dorm, into an temporary apt. that I'm subleasing. So I had the seller ship it to my friend's address, because there is always someone at home at all times.

    Also, I always pay for her things on eBay for her cause she doesn't use banking or credit cards, so she pays me back whenever I come back home for holidays. Until now there has not been a single item she didn't recieve whenever I got anything for her.

    It's now almost june 17th, so its almost been a month. I have touched base with my friend every weekday since after I paid for the item, to see if has come yet, but still no sign.

    I paid 13 for shipping and seller said she shipped it via USPS, no delivery confirmation, no insurance, nothing. It must have been wrong for me to assume that she would at least send it with some kind of delivery confirmation or tracking. But she just plain shipped it, and she said has a reciept that she shipped it on that day so she says it is not her problem and that she isn't responsible.

    I was unfortunately in this situation last year, but the seller did ship with delivery confirmation, and it arrived at my door, but there was nothing when I checked. Paypal said since there was proof of delivery then seller is no longer responsible. So I was at a loss in that situation.
    But in this case, wouldn't the seller in my current situation be responsible, especially without insurance nor proof of delivery?

    I can understand her frustration that she sent out an item and it seems to be lost, but at the same time, in she's got her money for it already and I still have nothing.
  2. I would definitely file a claim with Paypal.
    Also for a seller to be protected on items over $250 it should have been sent with signature confirmation.
    Your seller will have to provide proof of shipment/delivery.
    Good luck!
  3. as a seller you have to be able to prove that you sent it .
  4. Ditto... Paypal needs verification of delivery, meaning proof of delivery by trackable means, or a signature for any item over $250. If she can't prove it, then she'll lose the claim.
  5. Yes, agree and don't waste a moment in getting that claim started!
  6. Hmmm but I didn't pay over 250 for it, so will that be okay?
    Actually, that reminds me of the other debacle I had mentioned, it was under 250 as well and paypal had still said it needed proof of delivery, which was why I lost at that one.
  7. File a claim with paypal. The seller is responsible for proving delivery... if they don't have any kind of tracking for the item, regardless of price, paypal will find the claim in your favor. ;)
  8. Yep, agree with other posts. If the seller can't prove she sent it with some sort of tracking number, the dispute will get decided in your favor.