What to do....

  1. Ok I may be coming into a BIG commission in a couple of months, and I can't decide which LV I should get.

    I REALLY want the white MC speedy and wallet for summer it would be so cute, but then again I can't decide if I should get a damier speedy with a few accessories or maybe even something else like the Manhatten GM. I am thinking the MC speedy bc I truly love it and it is so expensive that I wouldn't normally buy it unless I got a commission this size. The other bags are at least more affordable with my normal commissions.

    Everytime I wear a summery outfit I think "Wow, the MC speedy would be sooooo cute with this."

    Plus, my bday is in June and I am honestly the only person that buys me anything for my bday, well I have a brother but he's a full time college student, so his gifts are usually small but filled with love. :biggrin:

    What would you ladies do?
  2. It's tough to think beyond the seasons when you're anticipating the arrival of one so much, huh? I'm the same way, I can barely think past summer. If you're only gonna end up loving the white MC for one summer, I say ditch it and go for another option.
  3. From the sound of your post, you seem to really want the MC Speedy. If you really love it, go for it!
  4. it sounds like your really love the MC speedy!!!! i say go for it girl!!!!!!!
  5. Sounds like you love the MC monogram, but I would go for a blue denim monogram bag as a staple for my summer bag over the MC monogram.Imo
  6. I like MC for summer. I've been carrying my MC trouville now that the sun has been shining and I love it!! But it sounds to me like you really want the MC speedy! I say go for the speedy!
  7. Thanks ladies, I knew I could count on you to help out!!
  8. Yeahh, I agree with Kathyrose and HelenNZ! If you don't get the MC Speedy, you'll always be thinking about it since you love it so much. You definitely won't be disappointed, it is a beautiful bag, I have it in black and I'm thinking of getting it in white, a used one from one of the forum girls.
  9. I agree, it sounds like your heart is set on getting the MC Speedy so go for it.
  10. Go for it, get the MC Speedy! :smile: You've obviously deserve it for all your hard work! :smile: Congrats!! Can't wait to see your pics! :smile:
  11. There's a speedy-like bowler that's coming out in a few days..maybe you'll wait for it to come out before you make your decison...it's about $1,350?
  12. MC Speedy. No doubt about it. You'll love it!! :nuts:
  13. :nuts: really?!....umm maybe I should take a look at it too :smile: .

  14. Ohh do you have photos Khoi?
    Back to the original question .. as you adore the speedy I would purchase it otherwise you may think, 'if only I had purchased the MC speedy':nuts:
  15. Speedy! :biggrin: The MC is so pretty.