What to do???

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  1. I found a bag that I really like on Ebay. The seller has a feedback rating of 100% but with only 3 feedbacks. I posted in the Authentication thread. The picture of the tag isn't clear, but one person said she thought it looks good. I called Gucci and the serial numbers match the style of bag. She said that she will email me her statement with the info of purchase date, place and amt paid with her Amex card. The purse is in fabulous condition. She is selling it to purchase another purse. I have sold numerous authentic handbags on Ebay, but I've never purchased one. What would you do?:sad:
  2. Is it possible to meet up? If she thinks the photo looks good, I would stay away. When I list bags on eBay I put up HEAPS of photos. I provide my email address on the listing saying that I have a whole PDF file of HEAPS more pics if potential bidders are interested. I'm not saying all sellers should do this. My point is if the bag is authentic, I as a seller would do whatever it takes to convince a potential buyer that it is as I state it is... authentic. :tup:

    In my opinion, I would meet up or if that is not possible, I would stay away.
  3. I am the one that said the blurry picture looked ok but I am not familiar with that bag. Like Kavnadoo said, I normally go out of my way to provide more pics or clear pics to show the authenticity of my items. It's a tough call. I'm sorry I don't know any more about it. Is it in the luggage section anywhere on gucci.com? Did you check?
  4. What's her return policy?
  5. No returns as she is using the money to purchase another bag. No, it's not in the luggage section. When I called Gucci, they said it was out last year and not available any longer. I guess if I have this much hesitation about it, I should not move forward. I'd rather pay full price and know it's authentic.

    Thanks for the help.