what to do?

  1. Ok so i dont have that many chanel pieces...im weird! I am saving chanel as a "congrats for graduating law school and getting ur mba at the same time" piece....but until then i can get a few goodies!!!

    So ive been sticking to little things like earrings, shoes, sandles etc etc

    one of my favs is this


    its a iPod holder, but i use it for my cell phone!! haha i LOVE it!

    NOW, here is the POINT!! Im going down to dallas to go shoooooping for my bday!!! What should i get from chanel :smile: im thinking a key holder? Or or or i dunno, what should i get?!?!

    (btw i still have a gift card for a little over 250, i know in chanel world its not much...but please help!!!)
  2. How about a hand held mirror, if they sell them that is, or a pair of sunglasses.
  3. I say a pair of new sunnies or maybe the baby animal thongs? They're really cute. Also check out some earrings.
  4. you could buy a new wallet or a scarf
  5. I think most of the wallets are more than $250.

    You could get the earrings. I think they're around $210. Also check out the scarves.
  6. A credit card/ID holder is $200-250. I love mine.
  7. btw i think i wasnt clear...i was just excited about the gift card haha! But i am willing to put in a few hundred or whatever!

    As long as i come home with SUPER CUTE things!!!!! :smile:

    hmmm those are all great ideas!!! the credit card/id holders sound so cute i saw some on the Accessories Resource thread..anyone have any new ones???

    WHat about the key holders? are they easy to use and worth it??

    i probably would get a wallet but i cant seem to part with my gucci, i love the size and i have a feeling once school starts (im 23, in law school haha never ending cycle yuck!) that i will solely use my gucci planner as my wallet so i wont have to carry around a million things!!

    AHHHHHHHHHH im so excited to shopped but freaking out at all the possibilites!! hehe thanks so much for the help and keep the ideas coming!!!! :smile:
  8. noone has any suggestions!!!!!!!! :smile:

    pretty please with a CHERRY on top ;) hell ill even throw in some whip cream haha