What to do?

  1. I have a Cafe Day but I just got a steal on a Black Day from s/s 05 and the leather is awesome. I feel silly having two bags so similar in color and style. So should I sell my Cafe Day and get a chocolate 05 bag in a different style or should I keep the Cafe? Thanks!
  2. Sounds like you love the 05 day more? I would probably keep an eye open for a gorgeous brown bag in another style. Lots of brown bbags on eBay lately.
  3. Thats such a hard decison!!!!! Are you in love with the day style? If so~ keep the cafe b/c it is such a pretty color but if you crave another style get the chocolate.
  4. Well the Chocolate 05 doesn't come along all that often .. whereas you have and love the Cafe. Would you be able to buy a Chocolate if it showed up before selling the Cafe? If so, I would definitely keep the Cafe.

    I wish you well,