What to do with your nails? Natural, Painted, Fake?

  1. When I was in Highschool I always had Pink and White acrylics.. Now a days I am keeping them natural, Cut short and unpainted but I dont like them as much, I dont think, I dont know. Maybe im just bored with it. Everytime I paint my nails though the next day they peel the paint right off but I was thinking about painting them a lighter color but that will peel to... So my delima is

    Go back to Pink and White acrylics (cut shorter)
    Stay natural and Paint them a light shade of tan or pink
    Stay natural unpainted and stay bored, LoL

    I know this isnt much of a delima but I just dont know what to do with them, I feel like they look unmanicured even after a manicure anymore :rolleyes:
  2. I'm not a fan of fake nails. I like mine short and either polished with a dark color or very light. Why don't you try keeping them short but polishing them with a dark shade, like Black Satin or OPI's Lincoln Park After Dark (or something similiar)....
  3. natural or painted. either or.
  4. How do you keep the polish from chipping and feeling? I have my toes painted all the time and no problems but my nails are completely different.
  5. I'd use a good base coat and top coat. That should help prolong your manicure a bit longer...but I agree, my toes always last longer than my fingers...
  6. I go fake all the way. I am really bad at bitting my nails, so I have to go fake.
  7. I prefer natural nails. Short and polished with either a dark color or a light one. I agree a good base and top coat should make the polish last longer. Good Luck!
  8. i have natural, medium short square nails. i paint them often with many different colors. i don't like fake nails, it damages the natural nail.
  9. dont do acrylics they are so damaging to your nails! i found the solution to peeling nails - use your own (high quality) nail polish. that way you can touch up if a little bit chips. That lasts about a week or so. Afterthat, repaint yourself becuase your nails will still be in pretty good shape. i love chanel polishes the best.
  10. paint then fire engine red and put on a top coat (or nail hardener) every 2 days. trust me, it will look good with anything that you have on.

    thats a way to enjoy your natural nails
  11. Paint them and use a base coat and top coat. Then reapply the top coat every day or every other day to prevent chipping.
  12. I have super long nails that I get acrylic put over the top of (long but not jerry springer style). If I happen to break one I must admit I sometimes get a false tip or get them all cut down and a full set of acrylic nails put on (this hardly ever happens - but did the other day - so annoying) I can not live without long nails... makes my hands look more feminine and my fingers that bit longer. But be warned - acrylic really does damage your natural nail - i have to leave mine for a few months every year to "recover".... shamlessly they are covered again!!
  13. I keep my nails short and square, they look very chic and neat. I paint them myself..I hate spending money on manicures because I can just use OPI or Chanel nail polish that lasts as long as it would if I got them done at the nail salon.
  14. you can get a very thin acrylic overlay, over your natural nail without the tips and not as thick, or a silk or fiberglass wrap...that will help anchor the polish on longer as well and not as hard to maintain.

    I can't have my nails painted as I wear a uniform (Army) everyday so I keep VERY short acrylics and I only need them filled once a month.
  15. I keep mine natural and have worn Chanel no. 87 on my fingernails for decades..(talk about being boring)..it's just a light pink, natural colour, but for some reason it always makes my nails look groomed (even when they're in a shocking state)

    Every time I've had acrylics on, I regret it, as it takes months for my nails to recover..Hoof Lacquer is a great, glossy top coat, and if your nails are fragile, try Herome nail hardener and follow the instructions..makes a huge difference to mine:smile: