What to do with vegetables????

  1. I'd like to start eating more vegetables but i absolutely can not stand to eat them raw (unless i have a big thing of veggie dip). i have a steamer at home so i thought that would be a good idea so i was wondering if anyone used any sort of seasoning on steamed vegetables (like carrots or broccolli)?? or any suggestions on how to make them more appealing would be appreciated :smile:
  2. I steam mine regularly, yummy! I think one of the best ways to add to veggies is by using fresh herbs such as thyme (but with that herb, really fresh is better, the "fresh" stuff you buy at the grocery store really isn't good at all, some sort of weird variety of the plant, so I recommend checking farmers markets for good herbs). I always, always keep several types of butter on hand now: normal organic for baking and other tasks that require a lot of butter, raw for my personal use with toast and such, and a very high quality French, Irish, or Dutch butter. The last I use on veggies, and it makes them extra yummy! But since most of my veggies are super-fresh and super sweet, most of the time I just won't add anything. Carrots I usually always eat plain. I highly recommend finding fresh, locally grown vegetables. There is a world of difference in flavor from the ones you find at your grocer and the specialty organic varieties grown by small-time farmers. But that's just me! :yes:
  3. I buy veggies and they usually stay in the fridge till they go bad. :sad: I'm interested to read what others have to say.
  4. yea that's my problem too... (same with fruit).... hopefully i can get to our farmer's market before the end of the season!
  5. I steam veggies and then add them to a little bit of pasta with roasted garlic and olive oil. It tastes great, and I don't eat as much pasta as I normally would without the veggies added.
  6. I love mixed veggies stir-fried! Can't stand them steamed.
  7. I love vegetables......
    I just started to bake them in the oven. I have done eggplant, zucchini, sweet potatoes, potatoes cut like french fries.
    I coat the vegetables with low fat mayo, dip them in bread crumbs and bake in a 350 degree oven for 10 minutes on each side..... They come out great. Even my husband loves them...... When I made them for company they always want to know how I made them. I hate to fry/ cook anything in oil but love them cooked this way. You get the fried taste without the calories.
    I find I do get sick of steamed vegetables, I have a vegetable steamer and it works great but it seems like what ever spice I add there is not much flavor. I now like to cook my vegetables on the stove stir fried. I season them with some soy sauce and garlic and heat some olive oil before I add the vegetables. I usually use 3-4 vegetables and sometimes add rice and even a egg......or just put it over noodles, ect....It is something different.
    I have been going online looking for new things and anything you want to cook, just type in and you will find some great ideas.

  8. all of that sounds great! i will definately have to try it.
  9. I think that oven roasting or grilling vegetables gives them incredible flavor--one of my favorites is asparagus roasted in the oven on a sheet pan with a little olive oil, sea salt, and cracked black pepper. I usually roast it for less than ten minutes, and it is awesome as a side with chicken, fish, beef, pork, you name it. Also, roasting tomatoes can be done the same way, and they are absolutely wonderful as a base for sauces, or in salads/side dishes.
  10. Roasting on a high temp...carmalizes, yum! I like to add garlic, too!
  11. this may be a stupid question... but is roasting the same as baking???
  12. Not stupid! I am not an expert, but I think that roasting is a higher temp.
  13. You could always make a vegetable wok! Tastes loovely.
  14. roasting veggies is done in the oven, usually at a higher heat than baking
  15. Roast root veg in some honey ...um delicious also good roasted in balsamic vinegar