What to do with unwanted LV?

  1. my MIL just called me & asked which lv bag I usually carry when I'm wearing jeans & t shirts..I said "usually mc speedy or damier backpack, mom..why ask?" she told me she was at lv boutique to get a wallet for herself last week & saw denim pleaty..she thought it would look really cute on me so she got me one and she shipped it yesterday. That was really sweet of her but I'm not a fan of denim line:sad:. I know the bag is adorable but it's just not my type..should I sell it? can I exchange a bag which was purchased overseas (she's shipping it to me from korea) here in the states and get store credit?(probably without receipt) or should I just keep the bag and carry it when I visit korea to show her I appreciate her gift? I don't know what to do..pls help~!
  2. That was really sweet of her. I would probably keep it. Hey, it was a surprise, so you didn't spend your own money on it. Plus, you may grow to love it.
  3. i would keep it..wouldnt want to hurt her feelings
  4. How wonderful a MIL you have.
    Keep the bag, use it once or twice, get a compliment or two and then let her know about the complements.

    I always feel when my MIL does something like that, it's like a trophey or something. though she is more of a coach kind of gal.

    Last year I gave my mom an LV, and I got my MIL Giaseppi Zanoti shoes not sure of spelling but you get it.

    Enjoy the bag with good health.
  5. I would keep it for awhile, let her see you use it for a few years and then sell it on eBay.
  6. i would keep the bag...it was a gift! you might just grow to love it!
  7. Keep it and try to wear it often... you might grow to love it!
  8. Keep the bag. I wish my MIL would give me a real LV. The closest I got was a fake LV which I think she's finally forgotten about. :push:
  9. I would keep it to, for sentimental value!
  10. Hmmm, if you are sure you won't like the bag, then maybe a store credit is the way to go. IMO, LV is too expensive just to have something you *may* grow to love. Plus, the bag should be with someone who will love it :yes:.

    As for your MIL, I would just tell her the truth (very, very gently), that you *really* appreciated the gift. but....

    I will admit I am very picky / hard to buy for, so my family & DH is used to me exchanging gifts.
  11. Wow, what a sweet MIL you have. I would keep it and try it out, you might like it.
  12. I'd keep it; it was a very thoughtful gift. And besides, you might fall in love with it!
  13. the title of your thread caught my eye.....for me, there's no such thing as an "unwanted LV" !!!!
  14. totally agree!!!:tup:

  15. OMG .. Hell will freeze over before my MIL would ever buy me anthing LV lol. Keep it! Its adorable.