What to do with those darn buttons??

  1. I know this may seem like a silly question, but I thought about it yesterday when I was cleaning my house.

    What do you do with all those extra buttons you get when you purchase your clothing? I kid you not, everything I buy something it seems to have extra buttons in a little baggy attached to it. I mean its not a hassle, its a good thing, just in case something does happen to that one button. But in all seriousness, I never need the buttons, they just always sit in a little box or drawer somewhere, never getting used. I feel bad throwing them away sometimes.

    So what do you do with your extra buttons, do you keep them or toss them?
  2. it's nice to keep them.. you can used them in your other dress or for emergency if the button was lost... good for you that all you dress has an extra button..
  3. iv bought a cjeap cancas book bag from target, dyed it a bright colour and then put on all of the pretty buttons i had lying around
  4. I keep a cute jar in my closet and dump them in.
  5. or better.. if you have already a tons of it.. try to make your own design using them..
  6. I keep them in a old makeup bag, and keep it in my suitcase (I am always in & out of the country so I just take the whole bag with me when I am away somewhere.)

    My sister keeps them in jars though.:p

  7. i keep them in a jar also~
  8. MzJones6, if the garment is something you anticipate wearing long term and it's of quality, sew the button (or have a seamstress sew it) onto an unobtrusive hem on the inside for keeping with the garment. They used to do this on any garment of quality, but sadly, that luxury is going away.
    As for superfluous buttons you don't wish to keep, consider donating them to a school or church for use in children's crafts.
  9. I put all the buttons/extra thread in this little mesh container I got from Office Depot.
  10. I keep all of these, I write with marker on the little bag or tag that they come in/with which piece of clothing it's for and then toss it into a bag. I guess you could really get organized and sort them into different boxes/bags for blouses, pants, jackets, etc. I've never actually needed any of the extra buttons, though, so I'm not quite sure why I keep them...?
  11. I throw them out, because I've never lost a button before
  12. I would keep them. I always do, especially the ones that comes with Dd's clothes :p
  13. I keep em. In a little makeup bag that I got as a freebie from one of the makeup promos. You never know when you'll need them.
  14. I toss them in my bathroom drawer. I've never used one yet!
  15. I keep them in a little box along with the baggies of little threads that you get, they come in useful.