What to do with this transaction?

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  1. I tried selling a Chanel reissue 226 on ebay and for the life of me, i can't seem to complete the transaction!

    The buyer (with 1 feedback) paid immediately with paypal but with unconfirmed addressed. I refunded her money and sent an email that I was voiding the transaction because I only ship to confirmed addresses. She didn't respond in 3 days so I relisted it.

    Buyer contacts me after seeing 'her' bag relisted and wants to know why I haven't sent it. I explain. She explains that she 'bought it for a friend' but would re-submit payment with confirmed address. Which she did .. only she used e-check and didn't pay for insurance. 4 days later, I sent her the purse to her confirmed paypal address and emailed her the tracking information. She sent an email saying she doesn't understand why it's so hard to get her bag. ??:wtf:??

    Today, I receive a notice from USPS that the purse is being returned to sender (MOI) because receipent has moved and left no forwarding address. :cursing:

    As much as I can use the money, I'm ok with the purse sitting in my closet for the time being b/c this is too annoying.

    Does anyone know what my options are? Or have good suggestions for what I should do? After reading Socialite's thread about the item sitting at the PO and is now being returned to her, I had a premonition this would happen!
  2. What a clueless buyer! She was still expecting you to send to the unconfirmed address she originally provided! I think she's a geniune buyer, who unfortunately has moved and not updated her confirmed address. The transaction can still be completed (that is if you so wish) if she updates her confirmed address. Although you'll have to sort it out with the buyer as to who should bear the shipping fees again. It'll probably be less painful if you relist, but you risk a negative feedback from this buyer. If I were you, I'd probably reship it to her (I may just bear the shipping fee if it's not too high), some may disagree with me but my decision to reship is based on the fact that the buyer sent me an echeck. If it had been by credit card, I'd relist.
  3. Peppy, thx for your input. I agree that she's probably genuine and a newbie. She did write me and explained that she's buying this for a friend. The friend has moved into her old apt in NY and she (the buyer) has returned to her country. The concierge of the apt bldg refused to sign for the package because the buyer no longer lives there.

    I told the buyer that I'd like to end this transaction. Her confirmed address is not legit and I'd rather relist and let her friend bid.

    Why does an echeck matter?

    Thanks! Regina
  4. honestly, for all that trouble, it's not worth it. I would block that bidder and relist the item and state in the description any bidders with less than 5 feedback need to contact you prior to bidding and make sure they have a confirmed address through paypal.

    you were lucky you got the bag back, as by using her friends paypal account, and her friends address, you really voided any coverage you may have had if anything were to go sour with the transaction. it's always best to go by the book with bigger ticket items.
  5. i dont see how they'd be able to post a negative feedback. if she stated in the aucton, she only accepts from a confirmed paypal address, then THAT is the legal binding contract and t was the bidder who did not follow through. a chanel bag is a fairly high ticket item, and it seems very sketchy to be paying with someone else paypal account, etc...

    an echeck VS a credit card makes no difference. it just means they paid from a bank account somewhere rather than charging it. there's no excess coverage or benefts from either payment.
  6. anyone can post feedback in a transaction that they are involved in, unless the buyer fails to respond to a NPB report.

    OP, just refund the buyer, block, and move on. Also, OP, insurance is for YOUR protection, not the buyers :nogood: