what to do with this pair of frye's?!

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  1. Preface: I'm NOT a cowboy boots type of gal. That being said, I absolutely fell in LOVE with these boots (http://www.shopbop.com/carmen-harness-tall-boots-frye/vp/v=1/845524441847130.htm?fm=search-shopbysize) and had to have them (hooray for valentine's day gifts and boyfriends who LISTEN!)

    Problem: I just received them and still love the boots themselves. BUT...I look so weird wearing them! My normal "style" is very clean and classic and these seem a little too "bohemian" for me. Also, I guess I'm having a "fat" day but I feel like the boots hit me at the wrong spot. They're not knee-high, but a little lower...a bit unflattering today.

    I know, it's easy. Return them. But they're just SO gorgeous and comfortable!

    So, I'm enlisting everyone to send me suggestions on how I should make these boots fit MY style. All I can think is to wear them with sleek jeggings or black leggings and tunics. :confused1:
  2. If you feel like they are hitting you at a wide part of the leg (which can be unflattering) I would say try them out with some skinny jeans or tights, which will make it so that you aren't getting that interrupted leg look. Or try wearing high socks that peek out of the boot so that the line is hitting at a thinner part of your leg.

    I understand what you mean about not feeling that they are your style. If you really aren't feeling them I would say return them, but Frye boots are such classics that I really think any woman can work them into their wardrobe. If you are more clean and classic you can still wear them with skinny jeans and a blazer or a nice dress. In fact, my favorite way to wear Frye's is with a girly dress.

    Anyway, try playing with them a bit before you make a decision and good luck, I think they are lovely!

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  3. Hiya! I am totally new to this forum, but, HAD to voice my 2 cents! I have 2 pairs of Frye boots and I :heart: them. I wanted you to know they they break in so nice! and if they don't hit you just right, they will. They get their own slouch to them, just like a great handbag :smile: The ones you got are UBER cute and I would hang onto them for a bit!
  4. awww, thanks candcpeck! I've decided to keep them no matter what =)
  5. I have a pair of Frye Carmens, they're a bit different from yours, but they're extremely versatile. I wear them with classic, casual, and semi-dressy styles.

    Here's a pic of me wearing my boots...kind of a weird pic, lol. I was picking pecans at my bf's grandparents' house out in the country..

  6. ^^^ Those are so cute. I need a pair after seeing this thread...dang it!