What to do with this Empreinte clés?

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  1. Hello, I need a little help: when the Rose Ballerine Empreinte Clés came out I bought one. I used it as a wallet for my smaller bags. It still looks really good, no color transfer, everything is fine with the edges, but....the deep embossing faded away, I can't describe it better. Here are pics:
    ImageUploadedByPurseForum1467752965.135029.jpg ImageUploadedByPurseForum1467753000.336747.jpg ImageUploadedByPurseForum1467753027.771942.jpg
    The store Manager told me that he will ask in Paris what to do. This shouldn't happen he said. This color is discontinued and that means I get a store credit if they decide that it is a quality thing. What would you do, change it for a credit and take something else (maybe a belt) or keep it and live with the embossing?
  2. That's weird that he said it shouldn't happen. The embossing does fade a bit with use, especially on supple leathers with no coatings.
    I do hope you get a store credit (that's always nice!), but I don't think there is anything wrong with your item.
  3. Honestly, if you love it and find it useful, I'd keep it and enjoy it. It wouldn't bother me in the least that the embossing was worn down and not prominent. Do what makes you happy.
  4. The fading of the embossed print seems to be bound to happen with this type of leather as expressed by many emp owners. Because of this, it does not bother me. I would keep it if you love this item and it is truly the color that you love since it is no longer available. If it really bothers you and you have the option to get credit, then you should get another item that will make you happy. Good luck deciding :smile:
  5. The way embossing is done on leather, is not permanent. The leather was simply pressed down with special stamp through high pressure though a special machine.

    if you are not happy, I would exchange even if the color isn't available. Or keep it if you absolutely love the color.
  6. Actually, the little brochure that comes with Empreinte pieces explains that this will happen. I doubt you'll get any recourse. Here's what it says: "Ageing: Monogram Empreinte will become more supple and beautiful with time. The embossing will evolve as a testimony to its owner's experiences, [snip]". The "embossing will evolve" part absolves LV from the issue of Empreinte losing its depth of embossing.
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  7. it's a beautiful piece, even if the embossing becomes light. If you love the colour, I'd keep it. enjoy it dear
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  8. Thank you all very much! I didn't know, that this is normal. After I read your comments I decided to keep it. I love this little piece in this color and when it's normal that this happened it is fine for me. I don't own a lot of Empreinte pieces, just two and I have no long experience with this type of leather. Again: thank you
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  9. I'm glad you decided to keep it. I'm asking my SA to try to get one RB cles in, even though I already have it in grape. It's a sweet dreamy colour
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  10. I've tried for months but it is gone!
  11. yes she did say it's prob not possible...
  12. I think it still looks great- overall it's a beautiful piece. And I don't think LV is making them anymore in that color - from what an SA told me. You should keep yours!
  13. Ditto to trying like mad to get this item! I would so keep it!
  14. It's beautiful! Hope you enjoy it for a long time!
  15. I am afraid too about buying this colour but it is so beautiful. Really love it! Enjoy it!