what to do with this coupon????

  1. girls i got a discount coupon from coach in the mail. which will expire next week. i recently got a leather carly in black and embossed leather carryall in mahogany. the question is what should i get next.i only have 500 bucks in my budget. please suggest as i really want to make use of this offer.
  2. Perhaps something from the Legacy collection? It's kinda hard to know what to suggest without knowing what you need a little more. Do you want something practical for daily use or frivolous that you'll pull out on special occasions? Do you need a wallet or any other accessories for your new bags? Give us some more hints into what you need or even want and we can help you out! Congratulations on getting a PCE card!
  3. I would get a wallet and either an agenda or beauty case.
  4. what do u think would be a good choice from the legacy collection in my budget.i have matching accessories with all my coach bags so i was thinking of getting a bag instead.i plan to get something for special ocassions.
  5. ^^ Depends on what you like most. I like the shoulder bag or the flap:

    Shoulder bag in clay:


    And Shoulder Flap in citron:

  6. This is also a gorgeous bag for special occasions. It's suede but if you aren't using it daily, it won't be so hard to maintain.

  7. what do u think of the belted ergo?
  8. i like the belted ergo's photo only. in person the bag is ugly :[
  9. GiGi
  10. ITA! A gigi in Clay!
  11. You need to shop, shop, shop!!! Remember that it's a 25% discount so the $500 may go a longer way than you might think. I love the new suede Ergos and the red leather Carly. You can also consider some shoes!!!!!
  12. I'm really into the Legacy line right now. If you don't own anything in that line, I say "Go for the stripes!" The Legacy interior is so yummy and the Legacy leather is divine. :graucho:.......its especially divine when you get a discount! :wlae: