What to do with these spaces?

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  1. I would like to do a bit of redecorating - not much but a little bit to change the look. Maybe painting, a few new pictures and maybe some decorative pieces.

    The first picture is of the one side of my hallway. The sideboard is a handmade piece I bought from an Amish woodworker when I still lived in the States. The other stuff are just things - no real meaning. I hate that damn candle. On the other side of the hallway is another cabinet with a mirror over it. There is no electrical plug, so I can't put a lamp there.

    The second picture is of my bedroom. I don't like that Paris picture anymore - I got it from Ikea when I first moved here. I thought od putting 3 picturses above my bed - pics from my travels or something? The wall color is a light green. I may change that too. I want to get a new night stand and get rid of all the junk on there.

    Any suggestions????

    I am not a fan of a million blankets or pillows on a bed so that is a no go ;)

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  2. I think both rooms look great but I would do some small changes. Right now I like minimal wall decorations (like in the pic). I think free space on the walls makes the room look bigger.

    For the hallway perhaps just one or two photos on the table and nothing on the wall, for the bedroom two or three small framed photos on the wall. It's just an idea.

  3. If it were me, I'd move the table (sideboard) and replace it with something taller and narrower to fit within the wallspace instead of overlapping. Some kind of curio cabinet or shelf unit.
  4. I wish I could put it somewhere else. Our apartment is small and I honestly don't have room to put it anywhere else. The overlapping bothered me at first but after all these years I've gotten used to it :smile:
  5. I ordered the night stand that belongs to my bed this evening. I couldn't afford the night stand when I bought my bed, so I'm glad I was able to order it now 4 years later.

    Thinking about getting a rug for my room - nothing too expensive, but I think that might make things feel a bit cozier. I like this one from Ikea's Stockholm collection:


    I'll also be adding 2 shelves to my bedroom (above my desk) to give me a bit more storage space.

    I almost accidentally/on purpose knocked over that awful candle in the hallway today. I got it as a gift about 10 years ago - always hated it, but never had the heart to throw it away. My eldest got me that thing hanging on the wall for Christmas one year. ... all things I have a hard time getting rid of, but I really don't like, haha
  6. A dark rug seems to pick up everything and looks dirty. My friend has on in brown and dark green and she hates it.
  7. Huh...i would have thought the other way around!

    See, I know nothing!

    My mom's dog (yellow lab) comes over sometimes. He doesn't go in the bedrooms but his hair is still EVERYWHERE. Have to vaccuum the whole place after he leaves. So yeah...maybe dark isn't so good.
  8. Although you're not a fan of excessive amounts of pillows and blankets, what about just adding 2 nice larger pillows on the bed, and getting a different duvet cover to make it look more crisp? The Paris picture isn't bad, but it looks off because that's what the eye is first drawn to. I think if the bed is more of the focal point, the picture up top won't matter as much. Perhaps you could add 2 smaller pictures on 1 side and shift the Paris picture over a bit. Alone, it looks a bit random, especially since it's small compared to all the empty wall space.

    In the entry, I would add a couple framed photos, put a decorative mirror over the console, and perhaps add a small bold ottoman under the table if you have the space. Changing the drawer pulls could also give it some more interest, and if you're handy, you could even repaint it completely.
  9. I was just going to suggest that you move the console, and place it beside your bed if you have walls space, ( I think it pairs well with your headboard), and put a little garden stool, or basket beneath the console.
    I would place a larger picture above your bed.
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    Last edited: Mar 12, 2014
    Since your console table overlaps, I'd suggest adding a large painting or framed photo (preferably the size of the table or very close) to draw the eye away from looking at the overlapped edge. Also, I'd add some little poufs/ottomans/wicker baskets for under the console to fill up space, also drawing the eye away from the overlap. Also great for extra storage!

    I created a model render so you can visualize what I mean. I overlapped the table just as it appears in the photo. I tried to get as close to the furniture as I could, I made the best of what I had! Of course change the painting and poufs to ones of your liking, I just worked with what I had...and don't think I forgot your candle in the model!! :biggrin:

    11untitled 2014-03-11 23401800000.jpg.jpg