What to do with these fakes ? Please Help

  1. I have about 5 fake items in total, All given to me as gifts from family members :s. I have never used them and want to free up wardrobe space so what should I do with them. I thought about giving them to the charity shop but someone else will probably sell them on Ebay :sad:, then I thought about throwing them in a skip but people will just get them out....People will do anything for money. I really hate fakes but dont have the time nor the room to burn them so what can I do, any Ideas ?. Thanks :smile:
  2. If you can't burn them, maybe you could try shredding them or spray painting them until they are completely wrecked. That way they won't be in any condition that would be useful to any would-be dumpster diver.
  3. If by "fake" you mean that they are labelled as something they are not, just remove the label, and put them in a Blessing Bag.

    If by "fake" you mean that they resemble something made by one or more companies, but are not fraudulently labelled, I would just put them in a Blessing Bag.
  4. I would just throw them out, i would wreck them first incase anyone got a hold of them after you threw them out.
  5. You can put another log on the fire!!
  6. WHOA!:nuts: AWSOME!:yahoo:

  7. Poor Steve...burning will mean that he's ripped off of a lot of money!!! There must be some way other than to burn the bags...maybe give it to a homeless lady who looks like they will have no chance of selling the bag on Ebay (but I guess they may sell it to someone else to sell)...I'm so confused. I wanted to post earlier but didn't have any good suggestion at all (because all suggestions seemed to promote the redistribution of the fake).

    Isn't there any way that you can give it to one of your fake-loving classmates? That way they'll wear the bag and not sell it to someone else. Selling fakes is DEFINITELY illegal but giving them isn't, unless giving means giving it to someone else to sell.
  8. Cut them up and make an 'original' Fake collage with it!
  9. Steve never laid out money to purchase these bags, he said that they were gifts from his family- thus...... burn-baby-burn....:yes:
  10. Just a suggestion, but you could write FAKE on them with craft paint pens. Then snap pictures, and create a web page on what about these bags are fake and then tell how to buy authentic versions of them. Help people online who want a guide on fakes vs authentics. You might help out a lot of people who want to purchase an authentic bag of what you have a fake of.
  11. I also have a fake that was a gift. It's now sitting at home in its fake dustbag...I don't know what to do with it. It is a speedy that came with a long strap.

    I was actually tempted to use the fake strap with my real bag because I like the long strap.

    Sigh...The speedy itself has feeeet! I don't know what to do with it.
  12. Gosh, I'm sorry because I don't understand what is so hard about this.
    Throw the darn things in the garbage, run over it with your car, burn it for heat, let the dog use it as a chew toy.....
  13. Love the doggie chew toy idea... although, I bet some of our puppies here would turn their noses up at the fakes!
  14. there are many unfortunate people out there who can't even afford fake bags. is say donate......who cares what they do with them.
  15. I* oops