What to do with the ring after a divorce?!

  1. What do you do with an expensive, beautiful custom made Tacori wedding set after a divorce. I love it, it is the most beautiful ring I have ever seen, hard time letting go but want the $$. Would you sell or re-set? If so how? I will include pics soon. Help :confused1:
  2. Wow, that's such a personal thing. . . . I too would probably have a hard time letting it go.

    I think after however much time has passed that I felt okay w/ it, I'd have it re-set.
    I mena, you can't wear it anymore, so why not make something new from it?
  3. Hmmm...that is a hard one?? Can it be a right hand ring?? And do you have any daughters that may want it later for sentimental reasons???
  4. Without seeing pic's...if you want the money then sell it. If it didn't have sentimental meaning to me I would not keep it.
  5. I would re-set it.
  6. I would save it for my daughter or reset it.
  7. How would you sale it? E-Bay? Newspaper? I called the jewler that it was appraised and purchased through they will not buy back and just suggested selling it on my own. I don't want any crazy's or hassel....
  8. Hey, that is an idea..a right hand ring, for the girl who knows what she wants!!!! :idea:
  9. but it'll still look like a wedding set. . . I couldn't do it, having the constant reminder. . . .

    Have you Googled "sell, jewelry"? I bet there's a Forum out there just like tPF that's for that:yes:
  10. I bet you could sell it on ebay. Or you could try to locate any independent jewelers in your area---people not asscociated with a store (the guy who made my first set of rings worked from his home)--and see if they would be interested in buying. I intend to have mine reset one of these days! Though I like knowing I could get $$ for it in a pinch.
  11. Yea it would be a reminder...you are so right I need to rid myself of it and just invest the cash. I will see if there is a forum for this type of thing.
  12. I would sell it. Just be careful if you try to sell it on Ebay. You could always try to sell it through your local paper. I wouldnt have people come to my house though I would meet them in a public place.
  13. I'd say your best bet would be to pop the center stone and sell the setting separately. If there are any independent jewelers in the area, you could ask them to consign one or both items for you.
  14. I would keep it hidden away for one full year post divorce. Then make your decision.
  15. Some states require you to give it back! I think I read that once anyways. Or maybe that's just if you break off the engagement.