What to do with the Monogram Roses Scarf?

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  1. I went to visit my local LV yesterday to see what roses/graffiti pieces they got in, as well as to show my SA what my Graffiti Speedy looks like in person. When I was browsing the Monogram Roses Scarf caught my eye. Before I had dismissed it as just another bandeu since that was what it seemed like from most of the pictures I had seen. However, in person the scarf is fairly wide and fairly long.

    I was just wondering what I could do with this scarf and how people who have already bought the scarf are utilizing it.

    Thank you in advance.
  2. I LOVE this scarf too but didn't purchase it for this exact reason. I couldn't figure out how I would use it. I would have used a bandeau more...............
  3. I love scarves and incorporate them into my work wardrobe. A co-worker who I am mentoring (both work and fashion) adopted my mantra that: A scarf makes a boring plain sweater or shirt interesting. It also makes you look more polished and professional, the same way a tie does for a man. Some people believe scarves are stuffy or are for older people. I say it depends how you wear it. Hermes has a Playtime with your Scarf booklet on their website that has a lot of useful ideas.

    P.S. - I bought one of the roses monogram scarves too. It's waiting at the store for me, so I can't show you a modeling pic. However, I would wear it with a brown or beige suit for a splash of color. Also, there was a fantastic beige dress I picked up at the Prada sample sale in October. The scarf and roses NF would look GREAT with it. See what I mean?

    Hope this helps.
  4. Aww well maybe someone will come along with some helpful pictures for you. I had a lovely time looking through that thread the other day. I never wear scarves but I really want one now!
  5. I bought the long roses scarf -- loved how it doesn't lie flat when it's on, it's like it's blowing in the breeze. Anyway, I wore it on Monday to work, I had my all-black suit and just layed the roses scarf under the lapel and had the pop of color. Even though it hung to my thighs (almost my knees), it was just a beautiful pop of color with the pinks, reds, oranges. I say buy it, you won't regret it. Even though it's wider than bandeaus, it's so pliable that it just folds over on itself. Sorry no pics but it will be super versatile once you get it home and start playing around with it.
  6. Love the shape of the Sprouse scarf! Depending on how you wear it, it can be very stylish/trendy and just like Restricter said above!
  7. Bumping this to the top.....in hopes that someone who has the rose scarf can sport it somehow on a plain mono piece and take some pics for us! TIA
  8. oo ya I want pics too because I bought it and it will arrive on tuesday but I have no idea how to wear it
  9. OK. I will take the challenge. I have to pick mine up and will do so after work today. You'll have to wait til 8pm or so ET, but I'll have some pics for you. Requests, anyone?
  10. Thanks restricter! my only request is to see it dress up a plain mono purse....anything else you try out would be a bonus for me!
  11. It looks awesome with a plain black suit. It's the perfect splash of colour! (I think I should get a commission for advertising - I wore it to a press conference today, so I'm hoping it'll make the paper and TV! LOL)
  12. What do you mean, dress up a plain mono purse? You want me to tie it to a bag? Or do you want me to show you how to wear it?
  13. Id like to see it dress up a mono purse..(my request comes because I bought a rose pop wallet and vert tonic key pouch to go along with my rose speedy but wanted to see if i need to buy the scarf to pull the plain mono bags that I use more on a daily basis..