what to do with the clothes u dont wear anymore

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  1. So just as the title says, i found that i have a lot of clothes/shoes that i dont really wear these days....I m just wondering if anyone knows a place to sell them, on ebay, craiglist? Or take them to a consignment store?

    What do you ladies do?
  2. I mostly donate to Goodwill, etc. Sometimes I sell on eBay, but I don't really need the money and I prefer to just donate.
  3. For expensive items, like designer denim, purses and shoes, I sell on *bay--which I hate because fees are so high, but I am comfortable selling on there. With my clothes, which are often cheaper items from H&M or F21, I always give those to charity.
  4. Unfortunately, I keep most of my stuff. I have clothes overflowing my closet that I haven't worn in probably 10 years. It's really bad. And I need to change....

    Last summer, I lost about 15 pounds, so I started getting rid of all of my Larges and anything larger than a size 10/30. I had a huge garage sale, and I ended up making about $1600! Then, I filled up two tubs of remaining stuff and took it to a consignment shop. I told them to keep whatever they didn't sell and give it to the Salvation Army. I could probably fill up another 2 tubs from my closet, but it was so overwhelming going through everything, I just had to stop!
  5. I usually give clothes away to Goodwill or the Salvation Army because I don't want to deal with selling them. I have friends who have sold clothes on eBay or to consignment stores just fine.
  6. I sell them to a local "consignment" shop... they don't really consign, but buy what you don't want. They give you 40% of what they'll sell it for in store merchandice, and they currently have an LV monogram wallet I'm saving for :drool:
    Anything they won't buy I'll give to my cousins.
  7. I'm the same way! I get an anxiety attack just going into my room but i can't bear to throw some things out. My room isn't very big but i have a closet, 2 dressers, & a large armoire and they are all overflwoing. I even have to separate winter & summer clothes. I buy those big rubbermaid bins with the lids if spring is coming, i have to stash away all my winter clothes so my dressers can be fileld with summer clothes & vice versa. I hate doing it because it honestly takes about a day or two. My parents keep yelling at me about all the clothes but i tell them i'll figure it out when i get married! The garage sale idea is good & the rest can go to charity. I like to be very organized ut with all the clothes i have, its really hard to do. And don't even get me started on all the underwear/bras, accessories, cosmetics, etc. i have! Let's not go there! One day i'm just going to go in there and throw everyting & not look back!
  8. Expensive stuff, like designer jeans I will give to my friends or sister. Anything else I will donate to goodwill.
  9. My sisters, salvation army, or plato's closet
  10. My sister, my mom, then everything else salvation army.
  11. First I see if my sister wants them. Then if not, I pass them on to my cousins. I'm the oldest cousin on both sides of my family, and my female cousins totally love my style. So I'm happy to pass the clothes on to them. :yup: Then after that, I just donate them to Salvation Army or Goodwill.
  12. Some clothes you can actually sell on ebay if it's a reputable brand or a style that once was very popular.

    Otherwise I say goodwill is probably your best bet or give them to relatives :smile:
  13. goes to a shop that gives me 50% of their selling price. the rest to charity. i also have lots of books, and i tend to list those on paperbackswap so i can get more new books
  14. I consign most of my stuff. A year or two ago I sold solely through eBay, but with the all the fees and the hassle of shipping my stuff I've given up on it. Seems like selling on eBay is tough these days anyway.

    I've gone the Craigslist route before, too. What I do is box up a bunch of stuff in decent to good condition (typically anywhere from 10-20 items) and sell the box for $20. It's more of a way to clear things out than to recoup any costs. I also take stuff to Goodwill.
  15. I think it depends on the brands and cost. For most clothes I don't think it's worth it to resell on ebay or even take to a consignment store. Only the really valuable items I sell and the rest I donate.