What to do with the box?

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  1. I just received my first order from Mulberry.com (Oak "Jacquetta" for those not following that specific thread) and was quite excited to see it arrive in one of those big Mulberry boxes. Very nice! But umm, now that I have it - what should I use it for? How do you use your boxes? I'd love to hear some creative ideas :smile:

    Is this how the bags arrive in the stores..?
  2. Well - I keep stacks of bags in them - rather more than they were intended for.
  3. You could send it to me! I've never gotten a box with my Mulberry bag purchases. :sad:

    Just kidding. I think Jenova's use of the boxes is great. I'd do the same.
  4. I did hear someone mention they were good for storing xmas decorations once!!!
  5. That is a very good idea.
  6. put scarves in it.
  7. fab idea- that's what i'm going to do with mine!!!!
  8. I use mine to store all my scarves in. It sits in the top of my wardrobe.
  9. Like Jo stated, my Christmas Decorations store beautifully in them. I don't store my bags in them. Funny though, all of my LVs are stored in their boxes. Probably because they don't get as much use as my Mulberrys!!
  10. I'm not sure what to do with my Mulberry box either, I already have my Xmas decorations in a box and I only have two scarves so they'd get lost in it! I can see it being dumped in the garage.
  11. I use one for Christmas decorations and one to house files in (temporary fix until filing cabinet arrives)
  12. I have mine under my bed -on show as it goes with the colour scheme ! I store my smaller clutch bags and evening bags in it. I have also kept some of the packaging to stuff bags whilst being stored.