What to do with rain?

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  1. Hi everyone

    I just bought me my first pair of cl s and absolutly love them.
    But I live in a country with lots and lots of rain. Often unpredictable it looks like sunshine one houre later rain.

    I have heard that the leather sole gets damaged is this the case? How should I protetct it and what happense if its start raining will they get broken?
  2. I live in Yorkshire and it's always raining here! My shoes have been fine. If you wanted to protect them you could get the red vibram soles (think that's what they are called) put on them.

  3. Haha! Fellow Yorkshire girl here. Completely agree with you, mine have been fine and we have to deal with sooooooo much rain x
  4. Yea I actually want to avoid the rubber sole if possible.
  5. I sometimes carry "non CL back up shoes" with me - don't want water to ruin them and once the rain was soooo bad - no back up shoes..... I just took them off
  6. Another UK Louboutin wearer here ;) we get plenty of rain in the midlands too!! I seem to cope OK mostly x
  7. Me and a gf were out at a restaurant/bar one night, and by the time we were ready to leave, it started raining "cats and dogs". We were both wearing daffs, and obviously didn't want to ruin them, so the waiter gave us 4 plastic bags, we took our shoes off, in order not to slip and break a neck, and put the plastic bags on and ran to the car like that))) it was fun, and the shoes were fine =)) but that plastic bag method only works for quick emergencies like that)
  8. I usually carry a pair of flats around.
  9. ^Me too!
  10. I tend to bring back ups with me. I usually vibram the bottoms anyways, but I want to keep my shoes in the best condition possible, so this works for me.