what to do with PCE?

  1. you know, i have been very disappointed with Coach in the past few months. Quality has seemed down, the designs just aren't all too varied, and it seems recycled to me.
    That being said, I still want to use my PCE! I can't think of anything other than a scarf or two and MAYBE a pair of ballet flats to buy! Any suggestions on something fantastic that is not a handbag to buy from Coach?
  2. A cashmere sweater or a leather coat?
  3. Sunglasses? I love the Belle glasses with the interchangeable bezel.
  4. Why don't you consider the Nicola Flats. They are lovely and look comfy too. Good luck deciding.

    If you don't really see anything you want you can just wait until the next PCE as well.
  5. i know how you feel, thats why i came home with sunglasses and two ponytail scarves...i may go back tomorrow if i decide to get the leagcy ponytail scarf but i may want to wait...i dunno nothing just jumped out at me over PCE
  6. Sunglasses, keyfob, charm?

    I have everything I currently am lusting after. I may break down and get a Legacy wristlet to match my bag or the iPod holder.
  7. you know, that is the kind of idea I was looking for! they DO have some cutie pie sunglasses don't they? how is the quality on them?
  8. this may be my exactly my shopping list too! i really wish they would do some exciting and exotic designs again.