What To Do With Old SLG

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  1. What do you guys do with your used SLGs when they can't be re-sold? I have a Monogram Vernis 4 Key Holder in Amarante. The consignment places said they don't accept SLGs in well used condition.

    I don't have anyone to pass the item on to, so I don't know what to do with it. When there's no consignment value (Yoogi's, etc), do you guys still list stuff on eBay for a low value just to get rid of it? Or is it better to donate it and let somewhere like Goodwill re-sell the item and try to get some value out of it?

    I'm just curious what others do. (I'll ultimately make my own decision.) I donate a lot to Goodwill, but the idea of donating designer items makes me weary because I'd rather the item go to someone who wants/appreciates it.

    For reference, here's a pic of the inside of my key holder. The outside looks like the day I bought it, but the inside is used as the pic shows. (Still learning new TPF features, so forgive me if the image insertion is too big/small/whatever!)

    (Don't know if I need to make this disclaimer or not, but I am NOT selling or soliciting sales as that's not allowed here. My TPF username has no tie to my eBay user name, thus I can't be found that way should I decide to list it. I am just genuinely curious what others do with worn SLGs.)
  2. I sell on eBay for a low price. I sold several beat up wallets and other SLGs from different brands over the years... Even if I only get $15, it's better than nothing. Just make sure you post very detailed pictures and that you are extremely upfront about the well-used condition.
  3. That makes sense. I was a little weary of eBay since it's so used, but I like the idea of lots of pictures and making sure a potential buyer knows the condition. Thanks!
  4. i will usually sell it on ebay for a very low price. i always give my designer (old season) clothes and shoes to goodwill/salvation army, but sometimes with my designer stuff i fear the donation person may 'lift' it before it even gets to be sold to someone. if you want to donate those types of items, but have similar concerns you can always give it to a local shelter (for men or women) b/c then it goes directly to people who don't even have to pay. i actually feel better just giving it to someone who really needs it and doesn't have to pay.
  5. I usually give those items away to family members ( full disclosure about the flaws lol). There was one time I sold an LV wallet - fully disclosed - along with a bag where I gave a massive discount for the wallet selling it for around $60! But still , The buyer filed a claim with eBay complaining ( ignorant, saying the leather was bad even though it was canvas.....) I fought and won and vowed just to sell my older stuff on CL or give away
  6. Try to sell it on Mercari, or FB bst groups
  7. Put it on a low starting price auction on ebay with clear pictures and description. There are people out there that would rather buy well-used authentic than counterfeit.
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