What to do with old LV?

  1. I have some old LV pieces I acquired when my FIL's wife passed away a few years ago. I have no idea if they have any value or what--I don't use them and they are sitting in a closet. There is some wear damage to the leather. My daughter said "they're old LV mom". Could I sell them or is it not worth the bother?
  2. if it's authentic, and in good condition-wipe w/alcohol free baby wipes to clean up a bit, I'd say give eBay a try, or if you don't like all the hassle of selling it on eBay personally, there's always iSoldit where they charge you a fee to sell for you on eBay.
  3. they are collector items. you should keep them. unless you have receipts it will be hard to sell on ebay because of the new restrictions. you could bring them to consignment shops. but i say keep them! "old" LV is not BAD LV in fact some people hate new and prefer the old because it has vachetta (leather) that has browned and its considered nicer.
  4. I'd try ebay- you'd be shocked at how much some people will pay for old bags in terrible condition.
  5. Here are some pics.
  6. Yes, they are authentic. The leather does look dark which looks nice to me.
  7. Yes why don't you try the eBay way and see if you can get a good price for them. There are people out there who collect old LV....good luck!
  8. Try ebay or your local consignment store.
  9. Try eBay. Post lots of pics! Be sure to include pics of details such as zipper pulls, heat stamps, date codes if you can find them. Good luck!
  10. Before you list them on eBay, use the Authenticate This Louis Vuitton thread in the Louis Vuitton Shopping Forum. They're great!
  11. I may be missing something, but that does not look authentic to me unless it is a very old French Company piece. I agree about posting in the authenticate this area of the forum with pictures of the date stamp, zipper pulls, etc. I have a lot of vintage pieces but nothing where the handles are attached quite in that way.
  12. I agree with charleston-mom. The handles look a bit funny. Definitely post in the Authenticate This forum to be sure before you try to sell them. Good luck!
  13. Yep, not sure on the piece you posted...vachetta doesn't look right, could be an old French Co tho.
  14. Great advice! I definitely went with eBay. I didn't use much effort in cleaning up my Monogram Canvas Alma - just a few wipes with a small towel and water and it looked fine. I got $410.01 for it on eBay! :wlae: Sold last night! I'm going to use that to pay off (not completely) my Saks Fifth Ave bill for the Monogram Canvas Speedy 30 that I bought on Monday. :wlae:
  15. I was thinking the same thing!