What to do with old 925???

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  1. im sorry if this has been posted before but i cant find anything.

    I have a lot of old silver (925) jewelry. charms, bangles, earrings, chains you name it and i dont wear them because i have newer and nicer gold and silver jewelry. i know people sell old gold but silver is not worth much money so i was wondering what you all do with old silver...

    I dont want to just chuck it all out and its not really worth selling them. I wish i could find a way to melt the lot down and make a cool piece i will wear. I just hate having stuff i dont like or use. KWIM???
  2. hmmmm...thats a good question. Maybe someone can chime in here because I'd like to know myself! I have a bunch of things that I no longer wear and melting it down to make something new would be awesome. Did you ask a reputable jeweler in your area? Maybe they can point you in the direction of someone that could work with you if they cant....
  3. I have been giving pieces to my mom our sis and putting pieces away in ziplocs in a box to give to my niece or any daughters I may have
  4. I've been selling a bunch of my old sterling on Ebay. I'm actually getting more for it than I would if I tried to sell it to a jeweler.
  5. Maybe check on Etsy to see if someone can take your old silver and make you something new.
  6. A lot of "Buy Gold" people will also buy silver.
    If you are willing to, you can sell it on Ebay - especially as lots.
    A jeweler would sell it to a refiner, and then use new silver to make your piece - at least the ones I know will do so. But I think an artist on Etsy would probably be willing to work with you!

    Good luck!
  7. thank you so much everyone for your reply's. i will look into etsy or another jeweler as soon as i work out what i want to make out the silver.
  8. I polished them and gave them away as Christmas presents last December. No longer sitting in the drawers, and I made my friends and family happy!