What to do with my Speedy 25?

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Keep or sell mono speedy 25?

  1. Keep it as first ever LV

  2. Sell to fund for sth that can be used more often

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  1. #1 Oct 2, 2012
    Last edited by a moderator: Oct 3, 2012
    Mono speedy 25 was my first LV that DH and I purchased from Paris while we were in honeymoon 5 years ago :hugs:
    I didn't use it very often cause I don't like handheld purses and find 25 quite small. Anyhow every girl needs a speedy ;)
    Since then I owned different style LVs (NF, bloomie, eva,...) and used all of them all the time for different occasions.
    Now my question is, should I sell my speedy to fund for other LVs that I may use more often? Maybe speedy B 30?
    Or should I keep it as a special souvenir (first LV ever) from my honeymoon?
    Thanks for your suggestions :graucho:

    ETA: Reminder that selling/buying/trading is not permitted on tPF.
  2. I'm not usually overly sentimental, but this bag was your first LV, it was purchased in Paris AND on your honeymoon. Sensory overload! I say keep it :smile: But make yourself use it once in a while. I don't believe in keeping anything packed away. If it won't see the light of day, use it to fund something that will.
  3. If you will not use it, sell it. Your memories are your souvenir. No sense letting a bag, which is meant to be used, sit in your closet.
  4. i would sell it and upgrade! :smile: but i completely understand the sentiments that go along with a bag.
  5. Yesss, no material thing should take the place of a special memory. That will live on forever and always stay new. If you don't use it, I would sell it for other things that you will use.
  6. Unfortunately the speedy 25 doesn't sell for that much online. I considered selling mine and for what I'd get it wasn't worth it. I wanted to at least get $500; but depending on the condition you can expect about $300-$400 from ebay or a consignment store. So it really depends on how much the sentimental value is worth to you. If you use it occasionally I'd say keep it, but if it has been in a closet untouched for more than 6 months you should sell it. I started carrying my bag again and it rekindled my LVoe for it. :smile:
  7. I literally just returned from the post office where I mailed my Speedy 25 off for consignment. It was my first LV, so I held onto it for years after I stopped using it (for the same reasons you mentioned). I finally decided that even though I wouldn't make all that much for it, it was worth nothing shoved in the depths of my closet. Unless you will use it occasionally my vote is for you to sell.
  8. Thank you.. You're completely right. My speedy has lots of meanings, that's why it's harder to seperate..
  9. No material is wealthier than our experiences. :hugs: thanks for reminding this :P
  10. Thank you for your suggestions :graucho:
  11. OMG :nono: that is much lower than what I expected. This makes things harder.
    I have to admit that in the last 6 months, I did not use it 6 times :sad:
    Despite this, due to its sentimental value, it is not easy to seperate.
    Still can't make my mind. And your input about its value further confused me..
  12. I think the bag has a special story behind it and is a great souvenir. You never know in 5 years you may use it everyday and love it. I am not a fan of selling off things because I prefer to have a collection vs selling bags to fund a bag. I prefer to have my collection grow vs having one new bag or a few bags.
  13. I suggest you keep it for the sentimental reasons. You can always buy more bags, but you can't buy your first LV bag you bought in Paris on your honeymoon. My bf would be bummed if I sold mine.
  14. Yes you really understand me..
    I'll really consider your suggestions.
    Thank you :hugs:
  15. :goodpost: