What to do with my knitted cap?


Mar 18, 2008
Hi all!

I came back from Russia two weeks ago from the Vogue photo shoot. Yes, I was very busy and did not get to shop at all....:cursing: But I got lots of free goods... so that's good! :tup: But, one of the things that I got from the Louis vuitton department was this knitted cap..

All though being an accessories editor, I should know how to pair this cap, I am completely blanking out. So, far I thought about pairing it with my Ernest Sewn black skinny jeans, Chloe t-shirt, Chanel fatasy tweed jacket, LV monogram fur scarf, Lanvin classic flat brown boots, and finish the ensemble with my new Hermes house orange Evelyne bag to give it a casual look...:sweatdrop: Any other suggestions?


Jul 1, 2007
Sounds like a lot going on. How a about some more visuals to help us out?

How was it used in the shoot? Perhaps that could serve as some inspiration.