What to do with my husband's *gift*....??


Oh to age so well....
Sep 13, 2005
Last week my husband surprised me with a new *LV* briefcase. As soon as he handed it to me I knew it was a fake :shame:-- the dustbag was all wrong!! Some of the LVs were cut off, the *serial number (M0031)* was glued in, and on and on. I tried to act pleased as he said look honey it goes with your collection! I didn't want to hurt his feelings-- but I just don't carry fakes!!! What should I do? Should I make a point to carry it once (when he is paying attention)? Help ladies... :sad2:
I would ask him where he got it, tell him how wonderful and thoughtful he is, but explain that it's a fake. Make sure you do this gently, as it can be shocking to those who don't know. See if he can get his money back, say if he purchased it from ebay. Poor thing was trying to be soooo nice.
I would ask him where he got it as he might've paid tons of $ for it and he might be able to get it back. If my BF found out he paid a lot of $ for a fake, he'd want to know so he can get his money back and get me a real one!
Hi Sparkle,

Because he is your husband and will most likely buy you MORE presents, I think you have to tell him...:sad:
I know how you feel because my DH has bought me stuff that he is so proud of, and I really don't like it so much..:cry: :shame:

I would tell him how absolutly sweet he is for thinking of you, BUT.....
You don't want him out hunting for LV's or other such handbags...:wacko:

AND, like the other forumite said, he may have paid a lot of money for it..:amazed: :mad:

Good Luck!!
I agree w/ most people here.
Ask him where he got it and try to get it returned.
Your DH needs to know you well enough to know you don't support counterfeits and so this will never happen again!
absolutely! tell him! i'm sure he won't be mad, he wants you to be happy with your gift. and don't forget to tell him that only lv boutiques and eluxury carry the real deal.