What to do with my Greige City ??

  1. Hi ladies.
    I have been the first here with a new fall colour but after buying the greige city i received my beloved calcaire ( After waiting 2 months because Italian Customs is :censor: :censor: )
    Now i have realized that i have 2 neutral colours in the same size...
    What can i do?
    I love the greige , is stunning ..... and i love the calcaire....
    Should i sell my greige city and buy a greige twiggy?
    Should i sell my greige city and buy a rouge vif city?
    Should i keep both?

    Help me:crybaby:
  2. i would say keep the greige city!!! i personally don't like a twiggy
  3. ^ I'd pick the city over the twiggy too... I hate tough decisions :Push:
  4. Keep both if expense is not an issue. Also consider rouge for diversity...

    I am bad...I would keep both and buy a third...
  5. I think you should sell one and get the rouge vif!!! But I am biased to the rouge vif b/c I absolutely love it!
  6. Do you love them both? Cos if you do, and it won't bankrupt you, I'd say keep them both. Don't worry about the similarity of the colours - if you really truly want both, then keep them. There's no rule says b-bags have to be bright and loud, or that having two similar colours is a cardinal sin. Don't stress yourself about it - if you want both, keep both, and if you decide that you'd rather have a different colour/style, that's fine too. But don't stress about it.

  7. I agree with zac.... l_b - I would sell the greige and buy the rouge vif ;):yes: ! Good luck with your decision :love:
  8. unless you absolutely love both i say sell the one you're feeling the least and get the rouge vif...
  9. I agree SoCal. I couldn't give away one of my babies :girlsigh: :true:
  10. I third that! :yes:;) But I am also very partial to rouge vif like zacorey :love:
  11. If it is in your budget to keep both I say keep them. If not, I'd unload the calcaire.
  12. i absolutely love calcaire, so i think you should keep it!
    keep both if you can, but otherwise, i'd get another color (i like grenat more than rouge personally).
  13. since calcaire is more rare than the griege (at least for now) i say you can always sell the greige and buy it at a later point in your life if you regret it! but they are probably too similar to keep both at this point.
  14. I say sell the greige since it is so similar to the calcaire. Go for the rouge vif it will be a great addition to your b bag collection.
  15. I'd switch the greige for the rouge vif baby! rouge vif is sooooo hot!