What to do with my fake...

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  1. Hi all,

    not sure if you remember, but on page 858 of the authenticate this thread, I posted pictures of fake bag I had bought unknowingly.

    Anyway, clearing out my wardrobes the other day and there it was. I'm not too sure what to do with it? Do I just throw it away or..? What have you other ladies done with a bag you've bought and isn't genuine?

    Thanks :heart:
  2. You're supposed to destroy them, although I'm not sure what this means... burn it (very dangerous considering they're probably made of some toxic pleather combination)? Cut it to pieces?

    You could put it in a charity bin, but this means it's still out there for someone to buy (granted, not at an exorbitant price though).

    I had a fake back before I knew what I was doing and it came in handy while I was learning about authentications. I couldn't believe the contrast between the fake and my first authentic one!

    I say either cut it to bits and throw it away, or leave it there for reference. Do your kids have a toybox it could go into?

  3. Yes, but then someone might buy it to sell on, on eBay and the whole sorry cycle starts again! :sweatdrop:

    I think the dressing-up box is a good idea - if you don't have girls yourself, perhaps you have a friend, who you trust not to sell it on, who does?
  4. I love my fake Gucci tote for work. It holds all my sales aids. I throw it around (horrors, it sits on the floor) and I don't care! I toss it in the car and it gets discomboblulated from my driving. Actually I'm thrilled to have it because it looks pretty good and I can abuse the thing without guilt!
  5. Discomboblulated, fantastic word. Always wanted to use it in a sentence.

    Anyway back to the question. I would either destroy it or use it as a throw around bag. If it looks good and only you know its fake it can be quite cool to throw it around like money grows on trees and you don't care. ;)
  6. ^I hate to admit this, but since I don't give a who about the thing I use it to death?
  7. If you absolutely detest your bag because it's fake you should just give it to someone who don't mind.
    My MIL gave me a bag she thought was original, and it was an obvious terrible fake (not even leather), and I gave it to our cleaning lady. She is holding the bag everyday, and comments how she loves this bag!
  8. I second the idea of the dressing-up box... that way your children will not want to play with the real ones...
  9. I would put it out with the rubbish,it would annoy me to see it and be a constant reminder that I purchased a fake.
  10. I had cut up a fake LV wallet....:graucho:

    There are so many people who are not as fortunate as us to afford a "real" Chloe. I would give it to someone who does not mind wearing a fake, and tell her that it is a fake Some of the quality fakes can even cost a couple hundred dollars. But, I probably will make sure that person you give the bag to is whom you know will not try to resell it as authentic.
  11. One of the girls in the balenciaga subforums said she cut off the inner tag and donated it. I think its a pretty good idea. This way its hard for somebody to try to resell it since the inner tag is cut. But somebody who just likes the style of the bag can use it =)
  12. I have also purchased couple of replicas unknowingly. Now I use them as storage for things that I tend to lose e.g. my camera, phone charger etc. They provide some level of protection from dust :p