What to do with my Black Cabby???

  1. Does anyone ever have to talk themselves into loving a bag? I was dying for the Neo Cabby and just got the black finally and now I am having 2nd thoughts. I dont like how the sides are pulled down by the strap, and the LV's just dont stand out as nice as they do in the blue denim. Plus the trim is kinda bugging me now with how shiny it is, and kinda fake looking.

    UGH, so I was wondering...should I trade it for a Blue Cabby, or the new Trevi is adorable, but I am not a Big Damier fan.

    Anyone have any advice?? What other HOT bags are out there as hubby feels like treating me to a new bag.

  2. If you don't love it, take it back and get something else. I like the blue cabby and love the Trevi. Good Luck!!
  3. I'm also not too crazy about the black denim. I tried to make myself like it because it was new and different, but i still prefer the blue denim over the black. Why don't you exchange it for somthingelse you may have on your wishlist.
  4. you shouldn't ever have to talk yourself into loving a bag! If there's nothing at the moment that you're TOTALLY in love with. Why not wait until something you are in love with comes along? If you're not a damier fan then you probably will feel the same way about the trevi.
    (but i love my cabby!! :heart:)
  5. The trevi is BEAUTIFUL!!!

    I wasn't so into damier either until I got my damier speedy. I LOVE her now as I don't have to worry about the vachetta and she's not as recognized.

    Otherwise, make hubby give you an IOU until you find something you're in love with!!
  6. If you have to talk yourself into it, don't buy it - so I'd return it. Go for something you really LVoe!
  7. Take it back and get the Trevi!!! I actually dislike Ebene Damier completely, but I LOVE the way the Trevi looks. And if you don't want that one, get something amazing that you LOVE!
  8. definitely take it back and get something that you really love. the cabby isn't for everyone, so don't force yourself to like it :smile:
  9. I say get the blue cabby if you wear alot of denim. I think it is different enough from your other denim bag in the style of the bag. But if the way the straps are attached really bother your don't get it at all . You have to love the bag. I think the damier Trevi is adorable if I didn't have the Alma and the Pap 30 in this canvas I would be getting it. Even my husband who doesn't usually comment on bags said the trevi was nice. I think in winter with rain and snow and heavy coats it would be an awesome bag,but you have to love it. Good luck.
  10. ITA!!!:wlae:
  11. Don't keep it if you don't love it. The cabby is not for everyone. I love mine, but I love the look of it and the color.
  12. just get another bag that is appealing to you. Don't force yourself to love it..
  13. Hopefully you can still exchange it. Everyone here is right....don't force the LVOE if it isn't there !!!!!!!
  14. Thanks all, I think I am gonna try the Blue Cabby :tup:
  15. i like alllll3 of those bags....whatever you like.