What to do with my Alexa Sparkle Tweed?

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  1. #1 Sep 28, 2010
    Last edited: Sep 28, 2010
    I was so excited about receiving my Alexa in gunmetal today from the mailman and was happily snapping shots for a reveal. But now I am so disappointed with all the scratches I have found on the hardware. Photos are below. Does anyone else have this one in gunmetal?

    Now, what's a girl to do? There is no Mulberry here where I am and I had ordered it directly from Mulberry.com. I can only assume that this is a problem with the coating on the hardware. I could send it back, but then what do I get? Another gunmetal will probably have the same problems...

    I really love the colour of the sparkle tweed and the matching coloured hardware. I am so sad now... I had actually missed the UPS guy yesterday and had to wait for him to come again today...

    What do you think?







  2. Do you think they sent you a display model? a lot of scratches for a new bag...'The bag itself is beautiful though, saw one irl for the first time today.
  3. That is an awful lot of scratches imo for a brand new bag. Was the plastic covering not on the inner large plaque? It could have been a display model.

    You know what, as you have taken such close up pictures, I would email them over to customer services at Mulberry and ask them if this is to be expected in a brand new bag ;) I am sure they will either offer you a replacement or a discount, but the most important thing is that they will make all arrangement for picking up etc if you find you cannot live with it x

    That said, I am sure when you are carrying it, the scratches are not noticeable, so I hope you can come to a satisfactory compromise with Mulberry
  4. Agree totally with Chloe, they should give you an exchange or a discount. All the leg work and mail costs should be covered for you. Good luck and let us know how you get on. Xx
  5. Another one that agrees - I totally do an inspection of all bags before they're 'kept' and it shouldn't be scratched! You should definitely get an exchange.

    Fingers crossed! x
  6. Annaswe - yeah, that's A LOT of scratches for new bag! I really think it's a beautiful bag!

    chloebabe - Nope, there were no plastic coverings. Should there be? Even if I get a replacement bag, I'm afraid that I would eventually also put such scratches on it! Yes, without scrutinizing it, you would never notice the scratches. But it's a new bag!!

    Iwantanewbag, tiggernic - I will write customer service and see what they say.

    Thanks for your feedback guys!

    Will keep you updated...
  7. ^ Dragon, yes they do scratch quite easily to be completely honest, but the scratches should be done by you lol !!! so you should be compensated or offered a replacement.

    Yep keep us informed as to how this pans out.
  8. sometimes you fdo get things with the odd mark on. but this amount of scratches is not right. i would send back.
    did the postmans lock not have plastic on it? i wonder if this is a returned one or something?
  9. Wow, FWIW I would not accept a "new" bag with those scratches. I've seen display models in better condition! Hope you get an exchange at no cost to you, OP...
  10. Yes it probably will stratch - they all do - but it is less bothersome if you do the stratches yourself ... send it back.
  11. Looks to me like you got a display model. Hope you get one you're happy with!
  12. That's not nice, if they really sent me a display model!! :sad:

    So I wrote to them and they have offered a replacement. Am sorting that out the moment and I hope to get a much better one soon...
  13. Hope you get it sorted out; the leather is beautiful!
  14. So I had to chase customer service to ask if they received my bag and when they would send me a new one. They replied that they have looked over the bag and their QS thinks it's not that bad and in sellable condition (!) . They would replace it except for the fact that it's out of stock. They offered me a discount and refund of postage. Do you think I should accept it?

    I'm kinda appalled that they would resell it. I guess most of the scratches are minor but the one on the underside of the lockflap is pretty large and obvious, and you can feel the scratched metal when you run your fingers over it.

    What do I do? :confused1:
  15. If you can keep the bag with a discount- I presume they mean a partial refund, you might get a bargain if you can live with the scratches. Depends on the discount though