What to do with loose pearls?

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  1. Hello. So I have 4 mikimoto loose pearls that are 7mm. They came off my mother's strand necklace when she had it shortened from 18" to 16". I also have another mikimoto pearl off of a stud. Had to pay to get it replaced as the size were mismatched. That's another story....

    Anyways the pearls have been sitting in my jewelry box for a few yrs now and I've noticed pearl have become extremely popular esp in Asia. Came across a brand Tasaki. I like the 3 pearl ring.

    So I want to get something made...but don't know what. I'm assuming I can only have some kind of necklace or bracelet made due the pearls having two holes. There's no way the holes can be filled or can they? Since I only have 4 loose pearls maybe a by the yard bracelet would be more appropriate? I've checked out the mikimoto by the yard bracelet and it has 8 pearls on it. I don't think I have enough. What else can I have made?? Would love some insight. Thanks!
  2. Something like the "by the yard" bracelet would have been my suggestion. I have thought about doing this with my loose pears for a while. I think it doesn´t matter if you don´t have exactly 8 pearls. Do it with all you have, nobody will count them :smile: I have only three and want to to this style.
  3. The only "filler" I've ever seen on pearls is having a tiny gem set in the hole. I've seen it on large pearls set as pendants to cover small flaws. I'm not quite picturing that working on a ring though. In my mind all I can see is tiny staring eyeballs. :P

    I think I'd have them put on a short bar at the center of a necklace so they could move back and forth and I could play with them. But I'm a sucker for spinner rings and other jewelry with movement.
  4. The pearls in motion earrings is a great idea if you like dangling earrings.
    If I was in your position I would save the pearls and over time collect more with the intention of having g either a classic bracelet or necklace created.
    This could be a very sentimental gift for a daughter someday.