What to do with Leopard Polly..???

  1. Ok-so here's the story. I fell in love with Leopard Polly & purchased her 8 months ago. I loved it so much that I have never carried it. I was going to sell it but DH didn't want me to. Now I read everyone's stories how the hair rubs off and leaves bald spots which can't be repaired. So now I really don't want to use it and I know it will eventually be ruined if I do . I am so upset about this because I paid about $4k for this bag and it is sitting in my closet. I don't want to sell it and have that happen to someone else. What should I do? LV knows about this bag defect so should I call their corporate and see if I can return it for a refund or a credit? I would have NEVER bought this bag if I had known this would happen. The worst part is it came from SCP and their customer service sucks. I know I would have to call LV corporate to get it handled. Any suggestions??? I would appreciate it!!
  2. Oh my! I love love this bag, but I know what you mean about the horsehair falling off. My SA told me about this problem so perhaps it can be considered a defect and you may be able to get a credit. Yes, SCP customer service is not a good one --- you're right. Better to call corporate and go from there. Good luck!!
  3. it's only a phone call it doesn't hurt to try.

    does anyone know does the wearing happen pretty quickly or can you get good useage out of the bag first?
  4. I'd call LV and ask.
  5. I'm sorry that you feel like you can't enjoy your bag, but I don't think you can return it now. It's worth a try since you haven't been using it, but it's way overdue and it will be hard for them to sell it again as it's many seasons old.

    Pony Hair is not that fragile, even shoes come with pony hair. Use it, be careful and enjoy!:smile:
  6. I think the falling off happens quicker for bags that rub against for body. For example, I've seen in the Damier Sauvage line (not sure if that's the name...the pony hair Damier print?), the messenger bag has the corners missing hair...where it rubs against the body. The rest of the bag looked fine.
  7. I saw one on eBay that had the kind of wear you're talking about. I assumed that the bag had been through the wringer, not that it was just normal wear and tear. You should definitely put in a phone call to corporate. $4k for something that you're afraid to wear is a terrible waste of money. And frankly, it's something you'd expect of a cheaper bag, not an LV.
  8. I would take it back if the hair falls off! I would throw a fit!!! I am sure they could atleast give you a store credit!

    Use your bag girl and SHOW it off! It is a beauty and I WISH I had bought one when I had the chance!
  9. When I met up with a few tpf members, one brough her Leopard Adele to the LV boutique for a problem with the lock and also pointed out a bald spot to the manager. It was confirmed that it could not be 'fixed' unfortunately.