What to do with heirloom jewelry?

  1. I have a bit of a dilemma. I inherited a few pieces, nothing extremely expensive, but it's a lot of money for me, and I don't really want to keep them. I've had them for several years now and they are all pieces from my father's mother, who I didn't really know well. My father has passed away as well so I can't ask him what he would like me to do with them.

    I've thought about having the stones reset or something (there is a sapphire ring, an emerald ring, and a diamond tennis bracelet, all in gold), but the stones are nothing special and I really don't wear a lot of traditional gemstone jewelry. It has no sentimental value for me, and the appraisals I have for each piece range from 1500-2000 (though they are mostly 20 years old).

    Fiance and I do not want have kids so passing them along is a no go. I don't speak with anyone in my father's family and don't have any way to contact them (nor would I) to try and see if they want it. Some of it was a gift form my Grandmother, some of it my father bought from her estate (long story).

    Any suggestions?
  2. I wanted to add I am open to selling it, but have no idea where I'd even go about doing that? Obviously I don't want to do something like pawn it and take such a huge loss.
  3. I'd hang on to them, in a few years you might value them more. It's surprising how your opinions about these things change as you get somewhat older.
  4. I agree if you are already un sure what to do you should hang on to them. I had a tennis bracelet I didn't want 3 years ago from a family member and I sold it and if I had waited til now with the economy being the way it is I probably would have gotten much more. If it's not in the way, then just let them be until you really decide to get rid of them.
  5. No, I am not unsure if I want to get rid of them. I definitely want to get rid of them, I'm just not sure what I am supposed to do with them or how to go about it. I will not change my mind, I did not know my grandmother hardly at all and I have no connection to my father's family. I also hate yellow gold and the stones / styles of the pieces aren't my style.

    So I guess my question is, where do you sell jewelry like this?
  6. I don't think so, not in this case anyway. I was not close with my dad's family and the pieces are just not my cup of tea. I see no reason to just leave them in my jewelry box the rest of my life unused!
  7. Could the place you got them appraised give you any thoughts on where to sell?
  8. Google circa. They buy preowned jewelry. If you send them your jewelry, they will give you a quote that they are willing to buy for. Good luck!
  9. You can ask some local jewelers if they will take these pieces in trade. You are likely to lose the value in a sale, but will retain more if you are trading up to a more expensive piece. Pearlman's takes jewelry on consignment, so that is another option.
  10. Thanks all- the jewelry stores where I live are really crappy, so I am not interested in any trade ins because I wouldn't want any jewelry from them. I guess I will just have to look into having them sold.

    I didn't have them appraised, they were appraised before I got them from a local jewelry store where they were purchased that I am not interested in buying any pieces from.

    Is my only option to sell them online? I feel really uncomfortable just sending in jewelry and hoping that they respond!
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    I would call Circa first. Maybe they can tell you whether they are interested by a picture. I too would never just send items without a contact name etc.
    Check out www.circa.com Sounds like they are looking for specific pieces/designers.
  12. It doesn't look like they'd want the jewelry I have. It isn't brand name or anything, it is probably one step up from mall jewelry store stuff... so I guess I'm just stuck with it. Blah.
  13. I would maybe hold onto one of the pieces that your father bought from the estate as they must have meant something to him and maybe try to rework it so you could/ would wear it. The rest I would try and sell on eBay or Bonanza (like eBay, but no listing fees, so it cannot hurt to try; they do have final value fees though). But wait (with eBay, because of the listing fees) until at least mid to late November or even early December, think Christmas :smile: Good Luck!
  14. I don't know where you live, but if it is near a large city, there are always places bung "antique/vintage" pieces.
    there are also some that will accept pictures online and make you an offer (langsantiques in SF). You have received appraisals so you know what the fair price would be. now just go online and see what dealers are buying
    right now.
  15. A few of my local jewellery/ antique dealers have bought my old gold jewellery for scrap prices - the price of gold is high at the moment so prices are good.

    Alternatively, my local jewellers would buy my necklaces at higher price than scrap in exchange for some other jewellery in their store (something that is more to my taste).

    Perhaps this might be the way to go?

    Other than that, having something appraised for insurance doesnt necessarily mean that a person is prepared to pay that much - so it comes down to what the customer is prepared to pay and why I dont tend to sell jewllery on ebay, its too unpredictable..... thats why I just tend to take my old jewellery to my local jewellers and sell for scrap because I get a good price and instant money.....

    If you think the jewellery is likely to come back into fashion in the future (and therefore you'll be able to command a higher sale price), then I would suggest you keep it for now...