What to do with handbags in bars?

  1. Hi there ladies,

    I'm a designer at Stanford trying to think up a new way to deal with purses in bars. What to do with them? Can you help me out and tell me what you do with your purse (and what kind of purse it is)? What you wish you could do with them if you could have anything?

  2. I never take a big bag to the bar with me- I always take a clutch. There are some companies that have a hanger that you can take with you to hang your bag, but I would still worry about something being spilled or it being knocked over.

    Maybe some other ladies have good ideas- I'm running low on energy!!

    Oh yea, welcome to the board!!!
  3. I do the same sorta. I always bring a small shoulder bag when going somewhere like a bar, 19 so can't go to bars. When I see girls out, though, most of them have shoulder bags or clutches it seems.
  4. i avoid taking bags to bars with my if possible......not only is there the risk of spillage, but there's also the probability that you'll misplace it since i'm extremely absent minded to begin with, and alcohol doesn't really seem to help with that :wacko:...i usually entrust my money to a male friend or stick it in my bra :shame:
  5. i don't bring my bags to the bars..if i have to bring one i'll bring my epi pochette..b/c its most durable..but lately i have been bringing my vernis pochette cles and just hooking them onto my belt loop.
  6. My mom does that!!! :nuts: I'm too shy to get it out, though. I sometimes stick money in my shoe or sock if I know I can't take a purse.
  7. I don't take bags to bars. I takw wristlets.
  8. Haha this is such a great topic bc I know it's something me and my friends ALWAYS come across every time we go out. Here's what we've done so far:

    1) During winter we stake out a table and put our purses on the chairs and put our coats over them. This is usually for bars that we're familiar with and have a members only/VIP area. Also if we know the bartender or manager, we just give the purses to them and they keep them behind the bar in this locked box till we're ready to leave or want them back.

    2) We take smaller wristlets and the guys keep them in their pockets.

    3) We take Prada nylon shoulder bags that are pretty much indestructible when it comes to spills, being dropped, having people brush by them, etc and just have them on our shoulders the whole night.

    4) We leave our purses in the car, and take cards, cash, and ID in a small little ID holder we keep in our back pockets.

    Just as a rule of thumb we never take a purse we'd be absolutely devastated over if it got damaged. We save those for nice dinners out :idea:

    Now if we could only figure out a way to keep people from spilling drinks on our shoes! :lol:
  9. Maybe you should make a bag to carry your bag in, so it won't get damaged or lost. It depends: How drunk do you intend on getting? Out of practicality, you should wear a messenger-style bag, so you won't lose it.

    Bars are generally not the place for designer handbags. If you start talking about it with a guy to break the ice, he will think you're totally out of your mind if he finds out what it cost you, and judge you as overly high-maintenace.

    And other girls will get jealous and try and steal it when you're wasted.
  10. I bring a small shoulder and either keep it on my shoulder the whole time or hang it from the back of my barstool if there is a back.
  11. I'm too young to go to bars but I have a similar problem with I deal with carrying stuff to concerts. I either carry as little as possible in my zippered pants pockets or I carry a shoulder bag. If I did go to a bar, I wouldn't bring anything that I couldn't carry around with me. I don't trust putting stuff down to go off and party.
  12. I take clutches mostly, which I can put down within eyesight.
    If there was no danger at all (theft, spillage, etc.), I'd have a little "shelf" under my seat like the ones where kids keep books.
  13. Hahahaha.. for some reason, I thought "in bars" meant "in prison" !

    And I don't like handbags in bars, not even wristlets sometimes. Ideally, I think having something like a Louis Vuitton cles or a Coach mini skinny clipped to your jeans and tucked into a pocket is best.
  14. I take a small shoulder bag or wristlet :smile:
    Its easier hehe
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