What to do with fake YSL muse?

  1. I've had my eye on a white medium YSL Muse for a couple of months now, think it would be the perfect bag for summer/travelling, however I am fighting with the dilemma of how dirty white bags get and whether I can be bothered to pay 600 UK pounds for a bag I will hardly use! (I have an Oak Mulberry Emmy & a Black MJ Stam which are used to death :smile: )

    While I was away over Easter my dear boyfriend decided instead of buying me a real one, to get a simple 'look-a-like' Muse bag in white, to 'help' me decide if it is worth buying the real thing... (ie use the bag for the summer, if I still love it & use it well then buy a real one, think he paid $40 off eBay) However, it is clearly not genuine (no logos, not leather, etc etc etc...) so I don't know whether to give it a try and see if he's right or whether to give it away!

    Has anyone else 'tested' a fake before buying the real thing or is my 'broke student instinct' kicking in? Help! :crybaby:
  2. We don't do fakes here :wtf: sorry but you will prob get the same response off every lady here at the Purse Forum
  3. Why bother with fakes at all? If you are going to pay $600 for a bag, I will wager that you will do everything in your power to NOT get it dirty! And don't worry about not using it that much. A YSL is meant to last FOREVER. You will get your money out of this bag...Go for the real thing honey!
  4. Trust me a fake can't be compared to the real thing. An authentic YSL will last you a lot longer than the summer and is totally worth the money. I know your BF meant well, but I wouldn't carry around a fake.
  5. i agree with the other girls. give it away !
  6. For all the previous repliers the op's bf didn't buy her a fake muse...
    ...so I really don't understand how you can tell her to not use a fake bag or throw it away.

    To the op, I think it's perfectly fine for you to use the bag that your bf bought as a beater bag for the summer. If you do like it, your original plan of buying a real muse after you test drive the other bag is a great idea.
  7. Thanks for all the advice, I used it the other day & even though I got a few envious glances having the fake bag makes me realize how much I want the real one... Better start saving! :p
  8. if you're happy carrying a fake bag that's your own thing... personally i would save the joy for an authentic bag, but my philosophy is not to use knockoffs or give the companies behind them any business. i think most other girls here on TPF would agree - this is a not a place where fakes have any support.
  9. Sometimes I like to rent the real handbag if possible, before buying. That's what I did with the Dior Gaucho and the Jimmy Choo Mahala. I am glad because I didn't like the Gaucho bag. I use http://www.bagborroworsteal.com

    Also www.luisaviaroma.com has some YSL Muse and Downtown bags on sale. I have purchased from them before with no problems.
  10. ^ah, that's a fab solution! i should try that next time i'm interested in a bag... thanks for the advice
  11. Donate it!=) I'm sure lots of people would appreciate it. But a fake is definitely not a good gauge od the real thing. the method does not work.
  12. i agree!! someone bought me a fake LV as a gift trying to pull it off like its real, i could tell that its a fake right away, i was going to throw it out, with the plastic and wraps and dustbags, but this lady that works for my godmother wanted it so i just gave it to her TELLING her that its fake... so... i don't know..

    YSL does last forever, my mom has some from a while back and are still in great shape, she doesn't use them anymore and they are kinda out of style, but the muse will be in for a while...

    FAKE BAGS ARE BAD!!!!!! lolx
  13. Someone gave me a fake coach ... I gave it to a much younger neice.
  14. someone gave me a fake yellow plastic Gucci. I don't know what to do with it. It's just lying in its bag under my desk at work as my friend gave it to be over lunch... told her I have no use for another bag as I already have too many.... I really do not know what to do as I could not possibly give it to another person..?
  15. yay.. personally i dont do fakes..

    but i understand there are many people out there would not spend a lot on bags...

    also trying on fakes before buying the real one ..:confused1: it's not comparable ..